Webinar: Unlock cost and carbon savings with energy data optimisation

‘Optimising your energy data on the road to net zero' is the title of a free webinar hosted by Centrica Business Solutions and Edie on Thursday 15 June (1pm to 1.45pm).

Energy data insights are critical to net zero planning. But capturing and optimising data is not straightforward - especially for energy intensive organisations with multiple sites and varying consumption patterns.

The webinar will offer fresh insights, inspiration and advice for monitoring, measuring and optimising your organisation's real-time energy data in ways that could radically reduce carbon emissions and costs.

Speakers will demonstrate how game changing Internet of Things (IoT) energy insights technology can exploit the hidden value in your energy assets - by capturing, analysing and visualising your energy consumption - right down to a device level.

Topics for discussion

• Where to start when gathering and understanding your organisation's energy data
• Using real-time data and device-level insights to identify action hotspots
• Converting your energy data into meaningful change and actions across the business
• Examples of organisations who are using energy insights to deliver major cost and carbon savings


• Sarah George, content editor, edie
• Aitzi Marco, senior solutions development manager, Centrica Business Solutions
• Christopher Toze, Energy Services Director, Direct Business Solutions

Featured Product

Canadian Solar - HiKuBlack - Black Backsheet & Frame (Mono)

Canadian Solar - HiKuBlack - Black Backsheet & Frame (Mono)

Aesthetic appearance for residential systems: With black backsheet & black frame, Power range 380 ~ 405 W, Low power loss in cell connection. Enhanced reliability: · Low temperature coefficient (Pmax): -0.34 % / °C, LID LeTID less than 2.0%, Lower hot spot temperature, Better shading tolerance.