TYCORUN Unveils Cutting-Edge 72V Custom Electric Tricycle with Swappable Battery

TYCORUN ENERGY, a frontrunner in innovative energy solutions, proudly introduces its latest innovation: the 72V Custom Electric Tricycle designed for versatile use, combining robust performance with eco-conscious swappable battery technology.

This bespoke electric tricycle boasts a powerful 72V100AH LiFePO4 battery, compatible with TYCORUN's battery swapping stations, revolutionizing the concept of efficient energy management. Tailored for both passenger and cargo transport, its impressive 500kg loading capacity makes it an ideal choice for daily commuting and commercial applications.

Crafted in two specifications, this custom electric tricycle offers a maximum speed of 45km/h, ensuring swift and efficient travel. With a remarkable mileage range of 150km, users can rely on extended journeys without compromising performance.

Key Specifications:

Swappable LiFePO4 battery for seamless energy management
Mileage range of 150km, ensuring extended travel capability
Maximum design speed of 45km/h for efficient commuting
2000/3000W motor, ensuring robust performance
Loading capacity of 500kgs, catering to diverse transportation needs
Self-developed intelligent controller for enhanced efficiency
Front disc braking + rear drum braking for optimal safety
"At TYCORUN ENERGY, we're committed to reshaping the landscape of electric mobility," expressed [Zane], [CEO] at TYCORUN ENERGY. "This cutting-edge electric tricycle underscores our dedication to providing high-performance, eco-friendly solutions that cater to various transportation demands."

The introduction of the 72V Custom Electric Tricycle marks a significant leap forward in TYCORUN ENERGY's mission to deliver sustainable and efficient electric vehicle solutions that redefine urban transportation.

Know more information on TYCORUN Battery Swap on the TYCORUN website(USA): https://batteryswapcabinet.com/.


TYCORUN ENERGY is a professional supplier of battery swap cabinet solutions.
A new energy technology company specializing in R&D and sales of battery swap cabinet systems
Founded in 2007, it has reached cooperation with customers from more than 20 countries
With strong capital, strong productivity, advanced technology, and professional after-sales service, it is in a leading position in the entire battery replacement industry

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