To deploy advanced energy storage systems, Renu works with global innovator LG Electronics. In fact, Renu is one of the “LG PRO” installer members.

Changing the Future of Energy
Changing the Future of Energy

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The Challenge: Alleviate Life’s Disruptions

Life is full of disruption. From maintenance issues to power outages, there are always unforeseen circumstances that can put a damper on a homeowner’s day. That’s where energy storage systems (ESS) can help.

“At the end of the day, the homeowner wants peace of mind when the grid goes down, and that’s what ESS really provides for them,” said Hannah Elliott, Director of Operations at Renu Energy Solutions, a full-service, turnkey residential and small commercial solar installation company servicing the Carolinas and parts of Georgia.

To deploy advanced energy storage systems, Renu works with global innovator LG Electronics. In fact, Renu is one of the “LG PRO” installer members.

“Renu really wants to be involved on the front end to ensure that we’re providing the best products for our customers,” Elliott said. “Working with LG Electronics as one of their authorized LG PRO installers has been really beneficial from the get-go.”

Like LG, Renu focuses on providing a clean energy future for customers by stabilizing the grid, offering greener ways to use and save energy, and keeping carbon emissions down. And with a customer base spanning three states, they need clean energy solutions that can be installed fast, explained easily, and managed seamlessly to enhance the experience for customers and installers alike.


The Solution: Energy Storage for Pure Independence

The LG Electronics Home 8 Energy Storage System, backed by LG’s collaborative approach with installers through its LG PRO Program, gives Renu the tools, resources, and support needed to complete successful appointments and help homeowners gain the power to enjoy life uninterrupted.

The Home 8 is an all-in-one energy solution that can be solar-fed or AC-coupled to store and provide up to 14.4kWh of usable energy per unit —so it’s ready to power a home in the event of an outage, interruption, or grid price hike.

This cleaner energy solution features just two components—the Home 8 All-in-One and the Smart Energy Box (SE Box).

“The Smart Energy Box is the intelligence of the system,” said Jim Brown, Senior ESS Account Manager, LG Electronics USA. “The Home 8 is the battery unit that provides the energy.”

Together, these innovative components are built to bring reliable and sustainable power to homeowners, whether they’re using solar or AC power as their primary energy source.


Engineered for Homeowners, Designed for Installers

For Renu’s solar customers, the LG Electronics Home 8 ESS is a great option because it works like a generator, but can be paired with a solar panel system.

“When the sun comes up, the solar panel system begins charging the battery so a customer can utilize it every single day they don’t have power,” Elliott said.

The Home 8 is also an ideal energy solution for the Renu installer team because LG’s PRO program provides independent installers with access to the tools for success. As an LG PRO installer, Renu can access an online portal with digital assets and educational resources, onsite and online training opportunities, and LG’s installer-exclusive EnerVu® app to monitor ESS systems after installation. Plus, the intentional design of the Home 8 system makes it simple to install, commission, and operate.


The Results: Repeatable LG PRO Success

For the Renu team, installing a LG Home 8 system is about more than providing a service. It’s about engaging the customer with the process from start to finish, providing the best experience possible by showing them what their new system can do, and exploring how the Home 8 contributes to the future of energy, she adds.

According to Elliott, this process has been made easier by the LG Electronics brand reputation, commitment to transparency, and approach to partnership.

“A lot of people know LG from their appliances and TVs,” she said. “It’s a name that resonates with customers, and that’s an easy talking point for installers to explain the capabilities of the LG Home 8. Plus, what the customer can use the Home 8 for in a grid-down scenario is ahead of some of its competitors, which is really nice to see.”

The commitment to transparency and collaboration is key to nurturing positive working relationships. In fact, the LG Electronics ESS team provides training and educational opportunities for LG PRO partners—for LG PRO installers to pass on to their customers.

“Training is such an important part of the process,” Brown said. “People can read a manual or watch a video, but there’s no substitute for the LG PRO program’s installer benefits. Everybody wins, especially the homeowner.”

In addition, LG Electronics provides educational and informational content, videos, and premier support that LG PROs can access to get their questions answered. These resources are updated with the latest information, and the team plans to expand these resources in the future with sales and marketing materials.


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