Socomec unveils upgraded ‘drop and start’ energy storage system to boost European deployment

Socomec, the global manufacturer of energy storage solutions, unveils a new compact model of its SUNSYS HES L energy storage system, SUNSYS HES L SKID.

Tuesday, February 20th: Today at the E-World Fair in Essen Germany, Socomec, the global manufacturer of energy storage solutions, has revealed a new compact model of its SUNSYS HES L energy storage system, SUNSYS HES L SKID. The new design will improve overall efficiency, reducing installation, transport, and maintenance time for customers. The upgrade will enable faster deployment of European electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI), power infrastructure for commercial and industrial buildings, and microgrids.

It comes as Europe's energy transition accelerates, where energy storage systems play a crucial role in ensuring grid stability and reliability as the uptake of renewable energy sources increases. According to the IEA, to stay on track with the Net Zero Scenario, global annual energy storage additions must pick up significantly, to an average of close to 120 GW per year over 2023-2030.

Socomec's new design allows for the connection of up to six battery cabinets per system for on-grid and off-grid applications. All cabinets within the energy storage system are shipped assembled, mounted and internally cabled on an adapted SKID. This guarantees minimum installation time, limits investment in civil works, and ensures optimum quality. Once on-site, all a project owner has to do is connect the AC power and communication cables. The upgraded design also means the system is easily transportable and deployable, allowing for it to be installed on alternative sites.

Elodie Hestin, Energy Storage Solutions Specialist, Socomec, said: "Speaking to our customers, we know the red tape and logistical challenges they face to deploy the storage they need. That's why our innovation engineers have redesigned our storage solution to solve these challenges - minimising installation time, increasing flexibility, and lowering overall transport costs. As we see renewable capacity increase, alongside an uptick in EVs around the world, we will need storage solutions like this one to support in building the right infrastructure needed for a greener world."

The redeveloped system has already delivered 10 MW of clean power capacity across 40 European sites. The latest reimagining of the energy storage system comes following the unveiling of its high power & modular energy storage system, SUNSYS HES XXL, in October last year.

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