New PV-Powered Offering Enables Green-Minded Organizations To Easily Build, Update and Maintain Their Web Presence

Raleigh, NC - February 11, 2004 - Solar Data Centers, Inc. (SDC), the world's only company using solar energy to power every aspect of an organization's Internet operations, today announced the Solar Data Centers - Content Management (SDC-CM) toolset. SDC-CM is an ideal Internet hosting and management solution for organizations that prefer to focus valuable resources on their core mission without spending the significant time or money needed to maintain expensive in-house departments or hire Internet consultants. The SDC offering is powered by 100% solar energy, making it the ideal Internet service option for green companies, as well as those with corporate commitments to sustainability and environmentally friendly operations.

"No other Internet services company can offer a full range of all-PV-powered technology and service options to the green and environmental markets that we can," said Steve May, president, Solar Data Centers. "From the start, we've taken a unique and environmentally beneficial approach to providing Internet-related services. Our new Web content management solution is another good example. We've developed an easy-to-use set of technology tools for our customers to access, maintain and update their own Web sites, without having to rely on expensive Internet programmers and consultants. And, they can feel good knowing where the power to run the system comes from."

SDC-CM Features

Open Standards

One of the complicating factors of the Internet is the wide array of software and hardware options and standards. To answer this problem, every Web page created and maintained by the SDC-CM system is written in HTML, an open, standards-based programming language. Using simple HTML coding as the standard throughout the site environment makes updating pages effortless and immediate, cutting down on associated services costs and facilitating easy application development.

Data Management and Maintenance

As the Internet continues to develop and evolve, users are demanding more and more rich content. The SDC-CM offers simple point-and-click management of images, reports and records. SDC-CM also seamlessly assembles images and graphics directly into code using the SDC-CM Microsoft Word-like interface, so users can insert digital photo albums that fit to page scale automatically, post Web links without coding and use a variety of HTML spell checking systems.

The security of a company's Internet resources is a central component to a well-planned Web site. With that in mind, the entire SDC-CM system is located behind a state-of-the-art firewall with fail-safe and redundant security systems and processes, providing the highest level of protection of all site content. The security system is customized around five separate security levels, ranging from single user to site administrator. Nightly backups of each HTML page are stored on site in a 3-week rotation. Two months of single-weekly backups are stored offsite using simultaneous tape and NAS (Network Attached Storage) data backup versions and RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) live hard drives.

Instant Online Archive
Once created, SDC-CM Web pages exist permanently, creating a lasting online record. This also provides a virtual filing cabinet for off-site employees to store data and documents for retrieval from anywhere over the Internet.

Pricing for SDC-CM ranges from $1,800 to $30,000 per year, based on a fixed pricing model. Pricing will vary depending on storage and per-page costs. There are no service usage charges. Includes e-mail, site hosting as well as the full SDC-CM tool-set. For additional information, call 1-800-830-3415 or visit

About Solar Data Centers, Inc.

Solar Data Centers, Inc. (SDC) is the only company in the world using solar energy to run every aspect of an organization's Internet operations. SDC provides a full range of Web services to more than 300 clients, most of which are corporations and non-profits interested in renewable energy and environmental issues. SDC utilizes exclusively 100% solar energy to power its servers, offering a broad range of complementary services such as Web hosting, system administration, Web site design, network security, programming and database management. Solar Data Centers derives its power from solar panels installed throughout the country. Using Green Certificates -- vouchers that organizations purchase to guarantee that renewable energy enters the general power grid -- each dollar spent with SDC is guaranteed to support renewable energy sources.

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