Senator Harry Reid Joins in Dedicating Nevada's Largest Solar Installation at YourVitamins, Inc.

PowerLight® Installs 215kW Solar Electric System to Power Facility HENDERSON, NV, March 15, 2004 - Nevada Sen. Reid joined with YourVitamins Inc. today in dedicating Nevada's largest solar electric system. This 215kWp solar electric system was designed and installed by PowerLight Corporation.

PowerLight® Installs 215kW Solar Electric System to Power Facility

HENDERSON, NV, March 15, 2004 - Nevada Senator Harry Reid and other officials joined with YourVitamins Inc. today in dedicating Nevada's largest solar electric system. This 215kWp solar electric system, mounted on the roof of YourVitamins new headquarters, was designed and installed by PowerLight Corporation of Northern California. Covering 23,000 square feet, the solar electric system will generate enough energy during the daytime to power more than 200 homes during the day.

"Greater deployment of affordable, reliable renewable energy is critical for Nevada's long term economic and energy security, as well as the health of Nevadans and our environment," said Senator Harry Reid. "The U.S. needs to diversify its energy mix and lessen our nation's dependence on fossil fuels; it should be one of our nation's highest priorities. YourVitamins' new solar installation is a model for businesses throughout the state - and the nation. Now is the time to encourage greater investment in renewable power and innovative technologies."

"We're very proud to be deploying the largest solar system in Nevada - it is environmentally, socially and politically responsible." said YourVitamins, Inc.'s CEO and Founder Andrew Lessman. "This project is a benchmark by which all other businesses in the state will be measured. Integrating solar power into our energy mix will help us reduce pollution and conserve natural resources.

"YourVitamins' investment in solar generation illustrates the company's responsible approach to energy use," said PowerLight President Dan Shugar. "Not only is solar an environmentally sound energy source, it's practical and affordable. It is an especially smart energy choice for Nevada utility customers because it helps reduce price spikes. By leveraging solar power, YourVitamins is helping all of Nevada's utility customers. The energy savings accrued by this solar array will reduce pressure on the grid, especially during peak electrical demand hours - at times when state transmission lines are the most constrained."

Solar power also yields significant environmental benefits to Nevada. In the next 30 years, YourVitamins' solar system will reduce emissions reductions of carbon dioxide equivalent to not driving nearly 15 million miles. In addition, the system will save more than 14 million gallons of water that is used in central power plant production.

PowerLight's PowerGuard® system was selected as the best solar electric technology application for YourVitamins' expansive flat roof space. PowerGuard is a patented, lightweight photovoltaic roofing assembly that delivers clean solar electricity to the building while protecting the roof from damaging effects of weather and UV radiation, as well as insulating the building to reduce heating and cooling costs.

About YourVitamins, Inc.
YourVitamins, Inc./TWC is a privately-held vitamin manufacturing company founded by Andrew Lessman. The company creates all natural, 100% additive-free nutritional supplements; it is one of the few companies that manufactures and distributes its own vitamins, producing more than 1 billion capsules a year.

About PowerLight
PowerLight ( is the leading manufacturer of large-scale solar electric products and energy efficiency services. Founded in 1991, PowerLight solar products deliver reliable, affordable clean power for businesses and government agencies worldwide. Inc Magazine has ranked PowerLight among the top 500 fastest growing privately held companies for the past four consecutive years. Today, PowerLight has worldwide offices and a full line of commercial solar electric products and services.

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