The product is designed to monitor basic energy flows within a system. It is a low-cost tool for troubleshooting, sizing and optimization and is ideal for solar energy experiments and other teaching purposes.

Wellesley, MA, Hartford, CT - March 15, 2004 -- SolarOne' (formerly SolarDynamics) today announced the availability of its new Harvest-Store' Data Logger, particularly effective for off-grid and educational solar electric applications. The product is designed to monitor basic energy flows within a system. It is a low-cost tool for troubleshooting, sizing and optimization and is ideal for solar energy experiments and other teaching purposes. SolarOne also offers the logger as an add-on package for its Harvester' solar electric generators. The Harvest-Store Data Logger's list price is under $500, which includes sensors and software.

"The Harvest-Store' Data Logger is a very effective marketing tool that helps customers for small stand alone photovoltaic (PV) systems move from the demonstration phase into a large commercial order," stated Moneer Azzam, CEO and President of SolarOne'. "PV powered systems have no or few moving parts and are often used in remote applications. It can be difficult to convince a potential customer that a PV system will be doing its job, day in day out without some way of logging critical data. Until now, it has been prohibitively expensive to do this on small PV systems. At SolarOne, the Harvest-Store has already proven its value on several occasions in closing sales, troubleshooting new designs, and teaching students."

Harvest-Store' Data Logger's software enables users to upload the data to a PC or Mac where they can display and analyze the data or export it to a spreadsheet for more advanced graphing and analysis. The data collected allows users to troubleshoot problems, optimize performance, and verify system function.

As an ideal educational tool, the Harvest-Store' Data Logger provides a hands-on education about energy concepts. The Data Logger is readily integrated into any of SolarOne's power systems, including the Harvester' Micro-Utility System either as a purchase option or a post purchase retrofit.

If purchasing is not an option, SolarOne also offers rental option of the Data Logger. Users can return the system to SolarOne for download and analysis. If the Harvest-Store' Data Logger does not fit a buyer's needs, SolarOne can custom design SolarOne loggers which can record up to four parameters. Sensors available for the system include DC current (with PWM current for accurate solar charging data), DC voltage, temperature, and solar irradiance.

The Harvest-Store' Data Logger and other new SolarOne product specifications can be accessed by visiting, on the web. For additional information, contact SolarOne' at or call toll Free 877-527-6461.

About SolarOne

SolarOne' provides products and systems that deliver small-scale utility services, such as electric power, lighting and pure water without the need for fossil fuels or to connect to an electric grid. In addition to its line of PV powered products, the company offers custom design and product development support services.

For further information on SolarOne' visit, e-mail at or call Toll Free 877-527-6461.

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IMO Precision Controls - Keeping Solar Safe

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