The new Ground Mount Harvester complements the popular Mobile Harvester platform. All components including the Power Center, solar panels, and accessories are interchangeable between platforms.

Wellesley, MA, Hartford, CT - May 13th, 2004 -- SolarOne' (formerly Solar Dynamics) today announced the availability of its new Harvester' Ground Mount solar-electric generator system. The new Ground Mount Harvester complements the popular Mobile Harvester platform. All components including the Power Center, solar panels, and accessories are interchangeable between platforms. The Ground Mount platform is designed for quick set up and securing in a wide range of environments. Visit for further details.

Conveniently, the same solar panels and power center easily snap into the new mobile base to create a mobile generator capable of delivering power anywhere. The "fixed yet readily deployable" feature is especially useful to everyone from the relief agencies that must set up anywhere and be prepared for anything to those individuals who want back up power for their home office during the week and to go camping on the weekends. Like its mobile counterpart, the Ground Mount system is readily expandable to three panels. Both platforms are now offered with either a 50-watt or 75-watt solar panel array and in a modified or true sine inverter configuration. Electrical formats can be in either North American or European.

"The addition of the Ground Mount system to our portfolio greatly expands the market reach of the Harvester' product line," says SolarOne' president, Moneer Azzam. "It offers a lower price point than the mobile unit, while giving customers the ability to obtain the best of all worlds by giving them the option to purchase interchangeable components down the line."

Both the Mobile and Ground Mount Harvester' features the new Harvest-MaxTM locking mechanism for the solar panels. This innovative device allows the solar panels to easily tilt and lock at any angle thereby maximizing the sun's charging energy. Unlike other fixed systems, the tilt-angle of the Harvester solar panels is easily adjusted as the seasons change to maximize the energy flowing from the panels year-round. For security, the Ground Mount platform is "padlock-able" and includes a 30-inch earth anchor.

The Harvester' Ground Mount Platform and other new SolarOne' product specifications can be accessed by visiting on the web. For additional information, contact SolarOne' at or call toll free 877-527-6461.

About the Harvester'

The Harvester is an environmentally friendly power plant that requires natural and abundant sunlight as its only source of fuel. Harvester packages are easy to use featuring plug-and-play components and are expandable for extra power. The Harvester powers virtually any AC or DC device including lights, water pumping and purification equipment, computers, radios, cell phones, and more. The Harvester excels as a backup power source and as the sole power source in remote locations such as cabins, campsites, jobsites, outdoor events, communication towers, and anywhere without easy access to grid power.

About SolarOne'

SolarOne' provides products and systems that deliver small-scale utility services, such as electric power, lighting, and pure water without the need for fossil fuels or to connect to an electric grid. In addition to its line of PV powered products, the company offers custom design and product development support services.

For further information on SolarOne' visit, e-mail at or call Toll Free 877-527-6461.

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