Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy to help power tomorrow's battlefield

HomelandDefenseStocks.com (HDS), a global investor news portal is pleased to feature an exclusive article on emerging developments in the use of fuel cells by the US military, "Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy to help power tomorrow's battlefield".

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Sept 23, 2004

HomelandDefenseStocks.com Reports "Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy to Help Power Tomorrow's Battlefield"

POINT ROBERTS, Wash.; Alexandria, Virginia; September 23, 2004 - HomelandDefenseStocks.com (HDS), a global investor news portal is pleased to feature an exclusive article on emerging developments in the use of fuel cells by the US military, "Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy to help power tomorrow's battlefield". A flurry of research and development activity is taking place to meet the technical and logistical challenges of providing fuel cell power to our armed forces in the field.

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Article Excerpt: Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy to help power tomorrow's battlefield.
By Allen R. Gibson, HDS

The commercial fuel cell market is poised to explode within the next 10 years, as sales are predicted to soar to $3.3 billion by 2006 and $10 billion by 2009, according to Technology Training Corporation. And the military is increasingly looking to commercial applications that can be repurposed for the military with a much lower cost factor. Potentially, this is very good news for commercial fuel-cell specialists like Astris Energi (OTCBB: ASRNF), who have spent seventeen years weaning alkaline fuel cells out of the space program by discovering how to build them without the need for costly platinum components Astris' latest power generator has a total system efficiency of more than 50% - several multiples higher than gasoline generators.

It's those kind of energy efficiency figures that have the Army, for example, working with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to create the "Mobile Integrated Sustainable Energy Recovery" (MISER) program. The idea is simple, but brilliant. Use the plastic garbage from field operations to fuel field operations, by converting the plastics into generator fuel of the type the army calls 'logistics fuel,' i.e.: diesel, which can then be used in a fuel cell.


The race is on to replace batteries on the battlefield.

Another area of intense R&D activity is in micro fuel-cells, which can be used to run everything from mobile phones to computers. Some experts think fuel cells will find their first widespread use in portable electronics, since "micro cells" offer far higher energy densities than batteries. And considering that the airborne infantry had to carry 22 different types of batteries into Iraq, the appeal of fuel cells becomes obvious. They could allow a typical laptop to operate unplugged for ten hours or more, as well as eliminating the need for battery chargers and AC adapters.

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