Reports as Oil Prices Rise, So Does Investor Interest in Sector, features the exclusive article "High Oil Driving Automotive Changes''.

October 5, 2004 Reports as Oil Prices Rise, So Does Investor Interest in Sector

POINT ROBERTS, WA. October 05, 2004 -, a global investor and industry news portal for the renewable and alternative energy sector features the exclusive article "High Oil Driving Automotive Changes''. Recent portal searches and online activity has increased as oil prices reached higher. Search phrases for "fuel cell car, wind power stocks, green stocks" are at the top of key word searches for the site.

"Last year in August when the power grid failed, the investment community reacted immediately and the renewable energy stocks realized immediate strong gains. The current activity in the market and on our site is not as reactive, but we see it more as a long term trend building momentum as the reality of higher oil prices and depletion of supplies sets in" states site founder Dawn Van Zant., offers research resources, news, exclusive articles, a directory and links to public companies within the renewable energy sector, as well as featured company sponsor, Astris Energi, Inc. (OTCBB: ASRNF).

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High Oil Driving Automotive Changes
By Allen R. Gibson
Oct 2004
With oil touching $50 a barrel, as we predicted it might back in May, alternative-fuel and hybrid electric cars are once again looking more attractive as an alternative to a gas-guzzling SUV. Record gas prices slowed growth in consumer spending to a mere 1.6% annual rate in a 2nd quarter that Alan Greenspan recently called a 'soft patch.' And auto sales were among the hardest hit. New incentives have driven up sales numbers for domestic makers recently, but have also eaten into corporate profits.
All this is good news for a fuel-cell industry which may finally be finding its feet, according to a new survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) which says public companies in the fuel cell sector enjoyed a 20% increase in revenues in 2003 up to $243 million. For the first time in more than three years, revenues actually exceeded R&D spending. Market capitalization for the companies in the survey also increased, by 50%!, to $3.6 billion in 2003 - outperforming the Dow Jones Industrial Average growth of 25% during the same time.

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Astris Energi Inc. (OTCBB: ASRNF) is a late-stage development company that has recently released two highly efficient Alkaline Fuel Cell (AFC) products. The Company's new POWERSTACK' MC250 fuel-cell power module has performed up to 60 percent above the original design specifications, and its E8 Portable Generator has a total efficiency of over 50 percent, a figure unequalled by any other device in its class. Astris' AFCs also have the advantage of being able to start quickly in very cold, even subzero, weather, unlike some PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cells. AFCs have long been the power source of choice for NASA because of their performance, reliability and durability. Building on these strong fundamentals Astris has achieved a series of technological breakthroughs, including the elimination of platinum as a catalyst. This significantly reduces the cost of materials required for pre-commercial and commercial production.

Astris is commencing pilot production of its POWERSTACK' MC250 units this year. This pre-commercial production is essential to introduce the technology to end users and potential marketing or strategic partners. Astris is the only publicly traded company in North America focused exclusively on the alkaline fuel cell. Forecast demand for fuel cells is expected to surpass $30 billion annually worldwide by 2011, representing a projected compound average annual growth rate of 62%!
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