Windstor - International Energy Project of the Year

McKenzie Bay International, Windstor technology earns award as viable Wind Energy system for urban and off-grid locations.

The Association of Energy Engineers' (AEE) awards committee announced that it was awarding the International Energy Project of the Year to the Windstor Wind Turbine Project implemented at the University of Quebec. The formal awards ceremony will take place at the 27th annual World Energy Engineering Congress, September 14-16th, 2005 in Austin, Texas.

The Windstor system is offered by McKenzie Bay International Ltd. It generates and distributes renewable energy at fixed, long-term rates, directly to the customer. Electricity is generated by new, improved Windstor vertical axis wind turbines, distribution is controlled via a system integrator and electricity storage may be added with a deep-discharge battery as that technology evolves.

The Windstor turbines can be mounted on rooftops or as ground installations in urban and off-grid applications. Omni-directional operation produces maximum power output while blade rotational speed is only 50-54 rpm. Birds can see and avoid the blades so the impact on the environment is greatly minimized.

Energy is produced with winds ranging between 6 to 60 mph, and redundant safety features coupled with minimal operation noise make Windstor systems perfect for commercial, industrial, municipal, educational, residential and other complexes that utilize over 1 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually. Remote and island, "off grid" communities and businesses that experience high energy costs, are also potential beneficiaries of Windstor as a low cost alternative renewable energy source

Since October 29, 2004, the WindStor wind turbine has successfully:

  • performed as designed at all rotational speeds, including its 54 RPM maximum

  • demonstrated that audible noise at the base of the turbine tower is nearly absent at all rotational speeds

  • demonstrated that turbine construction, control systems and sensor effectiveness have the ability to smoothly navigate resonance frequencies without affecting power production and safety

  • operated through all weather conditions, including snow and ice, and in temperatures as low as minus forty degrees (-40C/F), confirming design specifications to generate power in extremely adverse weather conditions

  • demonstrated that electronic load-torque control systems and mechanical braking have functioned as designed

  • demonstrated full redundancy of mechanical to electrical emergency braking and vice versa

  • demonstrated that a light weight guy-wired wind turbine tower is an efficient solution to control the natural vibration frequencies of the wind turbine structure over the range of power producing rotational speeds and, as such, simulating the support structure of a rooftop mounted wind turbine.

For more information and to see if you qualify for a 100 or 200 kW capacity Windstor system, contact:

Dan Van Tiem - Authorized Windstor Representative

Phone: 248-446-9502

Fax: 248-446-9503

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