Stone Store is wind-powered without a windmill

By purchasing an amount of Selectwind that is equivalent to the electricity use of the store, the Stone Store is preventing over 64,000 kg of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other harmful emissions from entering the air this year. That's like taking over 12 cars off the road.

Walk into the Stone Store and you'll know you're not in a regular grocery store. The staff gives you a familiar nod as they stock shelves with healthy cereals and breads, and behind the glass doors of the refrigerators you'll see organic cheese, soy milk, tofu and free range eggs.

In terms of the products they offer, the Stone Store has always been different than typical grocery stores. Being different has made them a successful small business in downtown Guelph, Ontario for over 20 years.

Today, the Stone Store is unique in a way that you can't see as you walk through aisles of all natural skin care products and biodegradable cleaners. The entire store is powered by 100% pure wind energy.

There's no windmill on the property but, by purchasing Selectwind, Brenda Ahearne and Candice Pergolas, the store's co-owners, are using wind energy from Ontario's power grid.
"It was actually my father that told me about Selectwind," says Ahearne. "After seeing the black smoke that comes from a coal generator, I called Selectpower and asked about using wind power for my home and the store."

Burning coal and fossil fuels to generate electricity causes about 25% of Ontario's smog and air pollution. Selectwind replaces electricity that would otherwise be generated by burning coal.

By purchasing an amount of Selectwind that is equivalent to the electricity use of the store, the store is preventing over 64,000 kg of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other harmful emissions from entering the air this year. That's like taking over 12 cars off the road.

"The store doesn't need its own turbine," says Stacey Hare marketing manger for Selectpower. "In fact, they won't notice a difference in the lights, the fridges or cash registers. The store still uses electricity from Ontario's power grid, but they've put in enough wind energy to offset ALL of the power they take out. The wind energy they purchase comes from a 1.8MW wind generator located about two hours north of Guelph on the Bruce Peninsula."

The Stone Store, The Scenario, Moffitt Print Craft and NextEnergy joined Selectpower's Wind Energy Leaders this year. These companies have committed to purchase a percentage of their power from wind generators in Ontario. So, a portion of their bill costs between 5 and 6 cents per kilowatt-hour more than their regular hydro rates. The funds cover the cost of wind generation, and encourage more renewable energy projects in Ontario.

These businesses recognize the importance of meeting our Kyoto emission reduction targets, investing in renewable energy and reducing our impact on the environment. The amount of wind energy they purchase goes into the Ontario power grid, displaces the equivalent amount of coal-generated electricity and lowers the greenhouse gas emissions caused by coal-fired power plants.

"Our wind energy leaders are making a real difference in our environment today, and are setting an example for others to follow," says Hare. "Thanks to them we are part of a cleaner, greener community."

The Stone Store Natural Foods uses wind energy for 100% of their power requirements.
The Scenario photography studio uses wind energy for 100% of its power requirements.
Moffitt Print Craft uses wind energy for 20% of the power requirements of their offices and printing shop.

NextEnergy's brand new zero-emission office building will feature their own geothermal heating and cooling systems, and they'll use Selectwind for 100% of their electricity requirements.

Reid's Heritage Group builds quality homes throughout southwestern Ontario and they use wind for 20% of their office's power requirements.

Strassburger Windows and Doors uses wind energy for 10% of their manufacturing facility's power requirements in 2004. Strassburger windows and doors are Window Wise' and Energy STAR®-rated.

Ginty Jocius & associates is an advertising agency specializing in agricultural promotions, and using Selectwind for 20% of their office's power requirements.

TAPPAN's Energy STAR®-rated heating & cooling products are distributed from a warehouse that uses wind energy for 10% of its power requirements.

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