Krystal Planet Joins DOE's and EPA's Voluntary ENERGY STAR Program

Lenexa, Kansas, July 1, 2005) - Krystal Planet Corporation, subsidiary of a wind development company, Krystal Energy Corporation, announced today that it has joined a nationwide effort to help the environment through participation in ENERGY STAR.

As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Krystal Planet Corporation has committed to building, labeling and promoting ENERGY STAR products. Company salespeople will be trained to describe to consumers the energy savings and other environmental benefits of using ENERGY STAR products.

"We're proud to step forward and serve both our customers and the environment as an ENERGY STAR Partner," said Troy Helming, CEO. "Krystal Planet has always been committed to quality and service. Our ENERGY STAR partnership extends this by allowing our customers to save money, help the environment, and enjoy top-quality, high-performance products."

Launched by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy in 1993, ENERGY STAR promotes the use of appliances, heating and cooling equipment, home electronics, residential lighting, office equipment, and windows that are, on average, at least 20 percent more energy efficient than federal guidelines require. Energy use is a major contributor to air pollution. Most power plants burn fossil fuels to produce energy. By using ENERGY STAR products, consumers and businesses will use less energy, and create less pollution. ENERGY STAR allows consumers to have a significant impact on global warming, smog and acid rain, while saving money on energy bills.

For instance, the typical U.S. household spends about $1,500 on its home energy bill. But by using ENERGY STAR labeled equipment instead of standard new equipment, that household can slash its annual energy bill by up to 30 percent.

About Krystal Planet Corporation
Krystal Planet Corporation, a Krystal Energy company, is a leading international retailer of clean power and energy-saving products. Using unique and highly effective grass-roots marketing, consumers are taught how to 'Krystalize' their homes and vehicles, saving 40% on utility bills and $30-50 per month on gasoline.

A network of thousands of independent dealers has been established throughout the USA and in 15 countries, who offer products like the Green Machine (one-time installation of a patented fuel-saving catalyst that works on any vehicle), the Krystal Hydrogen System (the world's 1st turnkey home hydrogen system that makes H2 from water using solar & wind power and includes options such as conversion of an internal combustion engine to run on pure, safe hydrogen), FutureWindSM (a certified Green Power Certificate that can be tax deductible and helps build new utility-scale wind turbines), and the Home Energy Review (a 45-minute consultation performed on a home including reports showing potential energy savings, return on investment and environmental impact.

All Krystal Planet products support The Freedom Plan (as described in The Clean Power Revolution: How America can save 20 Trillion Dollars by 2025). Krystal Planet is headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas (a suburb of Kansas City). Krystal Planet's customers have helped eliminate nearly 4,000,000 pounds of greenhouse gases since Earth Day 2004.

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