Emigh Ace Hardware Dedicates Sacramento's Largest Retail Solar Installation

Team Solar Installs 200kW PowerLight Solar Electric System to Power Respected Fourth-Generation, Family-Owned Business

Emigh Ace Hardware Dedicates Sacramento's Largest Retail Solar Installation

Team Solar Installs 200kW Solar Electric System to Power Respected Fourth-Generation, Family-Owned Business

SACRAMENTO, CA, SEPT. 27, 2005 - California officials joined with Emigh Ace Hardware of Sacramento, CA today in dedicating the largest retail solar electric system in Sacramento. This 200 kW PowerGuard® solar system, mounted on the roof of Emigh Ace Hardware on El Camino Avenue, was designed and installed by Team Solar of Sacramento. During the day, the solar array will generate the energy equivalent to power 200 homes.

"It's terrific that Emigh Hardware, Sacramento's well-respected, fourth generation family-owned business has taken this innovative approach to powering its operations," said Assemblyman Roger Niello. "It makes good sense to harness the region's abundant sunshine by deploying solar photovoltaics."

"We're very proud to be deploying the largest retail solar array in Sacramento," noted Emigh Hardware president Rich Lawrence. "We wanted to cleanly, efficiently and cost-effectively power our business. We, like our customers, recognize good value, and want to do all we can to power our store in an environmentally-sound and economically-viable manner."

By integrating solar power into their energy mix, Emigh is lowering costs, reducing pollution and conserving natural resources. "Several of our neighboring businesses are also expressing interest in deploying solar electricity," noted Lawrence. "I hope many will follow our lead."

Emigh Ace Hardware's onsite solar system covers 21,600 square feet of rooftop. By avoiding the purchase of fossil-fuel generated electricity, the solar electric system installed by Emigh Ace Hardware spares the environment from thousands of tons of harmful emissions, such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide, which are major contributors to smog, acid rain and global warming. Over 30 years, the combined solar generated electricity and energy efficiency measures will reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by more than 2,000 tons. These emissions reductions are equivalent to planting nearly 600 acres of trees, removing over 400 cars or not driving 5.2 million miles on Sacramento's roadways.

"Emigh Ace Hardware's investment in onsite solar generation illustrates the company's commitment to adopting a responsible approach to energy use," said Team Solar President Rick Lavezzo. "Not only is solar an emissions-free, environmentally sound energy source, it's practical and affordable. It's an especially smart energy choice for utility customers in California, because it helps reduce price spikes. By leveraging solar power, Emigh Ace Hardware is helping all California utility customers by reducing strain on the grid, especially during peak electrical demand hours - at times when state transmission lines are the most constrained."

Emigh Hardware is on track to receive a $652,386 rebate from Pacific Gas
and Electric Company's self-generation incentive program, which provides rebates to help customers pay the cost of on-site electric generating
systems utilizing either solar, wind or fuel cells, or micro turbine or internal combustion engine cogeneration systems. "PG&E is proud to have partnered with Emigh Hardware in this endeavor which has such a positive impact on the local community and the environment," said Beverly Alexander, vice president of customer satisfaction at the utility. "The solar rebate presented today represents one of the many ways in which PG&E helps customers manage their energy needs."

PowerLight's PowerGuard system was selected by Team Solar as an optimal solar electric technology application for Emigh Ace Hardware's expansive flat roof space. PowerGuard is a patented, lightweight photovoltaic roofing assembly that delivers clean solar electricity to the building while protecting the roof from damaging effects of weather and UV radiation. Additionally, the solar panels provide added insulation benefits to the building.

About Emigh Ace Hardware
Emigh Hardware is a fourth generation, family owned and operated business. The first Emigh Hardware store was opened in downtown Sacramento in 1908. Ninety seven years later Emigh still operates as a customer oriented, full service store, selling everything from four penny nails to high end patio furniture. The one hundred plus employees pride themselves on service and knowledge and return customers attest to these qualities time after time. Today, Emigh is associated with the nationally respected ACE Hardware Corporation. The "Amy" icon with her changing seasonal appearance has become one of the areas most recognizable logos, as has the motto, Emigh Hardware: "Where service has been a tradition since 1908." Owner Rich Lawrence has been with Emigh Hardware since 1969.

About Team Solar
Team Solar, Inc. is a small family owned and managed California Corporation. In 2001, after nearly 30 years of general contracting, Lavezzo Construction made the commitment to focus entirely on providing photovoltaic installation services to Northern California. Rick, Gary, and Angela Lavezzo set out to build a unique organization directed toward dramatically reducing the overall cost of PV systems from a big-picture perspective. Approaching the challenge with a sincere Team Mentality was the first step, hence the name Team Solar, Inc. Applying the principles of Integrity, Efficiency, Flexibility, and Expertise to each project, Team Solar has grown to be recognized as the regional leader in the grid-connected PV installation industry across all market segments, from Residential to Utility Scale. Team Solar provides services ranging from specific project tasks to full-service system provider, on a project-by-project basis.

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