Cleantech Venture Network Releases the First Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast Research Report of Venture Investment and Capital Requirements in the Cleantech Investment Category

Ann Arbor, MI - October 24, 2005 - Cleantech Venture Network LLC, a membership organization bringing insight, opportunities and relationships to investors, entrepreneurs and service providers interested in clean technology, today released the "Cleantech Capital Report - 2005," the first comprehensive examination and projection of cleantech venture investments and capital requirements. The report examines North American cleantech venture capital investment over a 10 year period covering more than $7.3 billion of cleantech venture investments from 1999 through mid 2005 and projecting cleantech investment to the end of 2009. The report forecasts that capital dedicated to cleantech could total $10 billion from 2005 through 2009.

"The report captures three distinct phases in the evolution of the cleantech investment category, starting with the recent Internet-related 'bubble and burst' period, the present 'learning and diversification' phase and the next phase, which may have already begun, called 'growth and returns' in which capital requirements may outstrip supply. This will have significant implications for both investors and entrepreneurs as it appears that "cleantech" is emerging as a defined investment theme at twice the pace of "biotech's" rise in the 1980s and early 90s" said Nicholas Parker, co-founder and chairman of the Cleantech Venture Network LLC. "With the combination of rising energy costs, overall natural resource scarcity, growing demand for environmentally superior products and greatly improved cleantech alternatives, it is possible cleantech will capture up to 10% of overall venture capital flows by 2009, as well as an increasingly large portion of both M&A and IPO activity."

Cleantech Capital Report - 2005 - Key Data Points and Highlights
* Tracks the growth of cleantech as an investment category over three periods: 1999-2001 "Bubble and Burst", 2002-2005 "Learning and Diversification" and 2006-2009 "Growth and Returns"
* Features 628 cleantech companies that received 1085 investment rounds, giving breakdowns by stage, geography and segment
* Covers $7.3 billion of North American cleantech venture investments between Q1 1999 and Q2 2005
* Forecasts the capital requirements of North American cleantech companies in the next four years (up to $8.5 billion), including how much capital will be needed for early stage and follow-on rounds as well as organic growth in different cleantech segments
* Analyses over $5.4 billion raised or budgeted for cleantech venturing since 2000 by institutional, corporate, professional and government investors
* Indicates which companies and regions have received the most cleantech venture capital
* Illustrates who the most active cleantech investors are and where they are located
* Explores valuation and exit scenarios over the 2006-2009 period
* Identifies the emerging cleantech segments and regions for early stage financing.
* Compares cleantech to overall venture market trends

Cleantech Capital Report - 2005 - Research Methodology
In addition to investors reporting deals to the Cleantech Venture Network, report authors systematically scanned the following data sources to find identify additional cleantech venture deals:
* PricewaterhouseCoopers/Thomson Venture Economics/National Venture Capital Association MoneyTree' Survey
* Dow Jones' Venture Reporter
* Thomson/ Venture Economics Private Equity Week Newswire

"Cleantech Capital Report - 2005," was co-authored by Nicholas Parker and Anastasia O'Rourke, both of Cleantech Venture Network, LLC.

Pricing and Availability
Hard copies of The Cleantech Capital Report - 2005, can be ordered online at or by phoning (+1 517) 223 9607. The report is retailing
for $495, with a 20% discount for Cleantech Venture Network members. The report will be available for distribution in November.

About Cleantech Venture Network LLC
The Cleantech Venture Network' LLC is a membership organization bringing insight, opportunities and relationships to investors, entrepreneurs and service providers interested in clean technology. We do this through related information products, advisory and online services, and the Cleantech Venture Forum' series of events. We introduced the "cleantech" concept in 2002 and have since worked to popularize it as a viable investment category. Cleantech is one of the next and necessary waves of business innovation and our goal is to ensure that "good money meets good deals." We serve more than 900 affiliate investor member firms worldwide and have tracked more than $4.5 billion invested in cleantech ventures since 2002, of which over $370 million has been raised by Cleantech Venture Forum presenting companies.

Cleantech Venture Network has offices in Canada, Europe and the US. Further information can be found at or by calling (+1) 517-223-9607.

Cleantech Venture Network invites companies and investors engaged in commercializing or investing in clean technologies to apply for membership as a Company or Investor. For details, companies should contact Lauren Bigelow at and investors should contact Cheryl Blain at


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