Hydrogen Means Business in California

Vendors and buyers meet at Hydrogen Expo US and NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference 2006 in Long Beach, CA

Hydrogen and fuel cell initiatives from California have been enviously looked at around the globe. This movement gained new momentum when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 76 this summer, which provides the first portion of funding to implement the California Hydrogen Highway Network (CA H2 Net). The Golden State has offered fertile grounds for many projects in mobile, stationary and portable applications of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and continues to open up business opportunities for domestic and international suppliers alike. The next Hydrogen Expo US, held on March 12 to 14, 2006 with the National Hydrogen Association's (NHA) Annual Hydrogen Conference in Long Beach, CA is the meeting place for vendors and buyers of this growth market.

The new legislation provides US$ 6.5 million in funding for state-sponsored hydrogen (H2) demonstration projects. The money will help with the building of three new H2 fueling stations, and will be used to purchase or lease moren than 12 fuel cell vehicles, including two busses. According to the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP), there are currently 16 hydrogen stations in operation in the State of California, and 18 more are in the planning phase, including sites in Oakland, Emeryville, Burbank, Camp Pendleton, Ontario, San Carlos, Santa Ana, Santa Monica, and others. More than 100 fuel cell vehicles have operated in California through the CaFCP programs, with more to come.

Activities in the stationary field include the California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative, a joint initiative of federal, state and non-governmental organizations interested in the acceleration of stationary fuel cell commercialization in the state of California and beyond. Among other things, the collaborative disseminates information on state funding opportunities and works with industry, government, environmental organizations, and other stakeholders to identify opportunities for siting stationary fuel cells that yield mutually beneficial results. According to the California Air Resources Board, 27 stationary fuel cells are now installed in 17 different Californian locations.

Hydrogen Expo US is organized by Germany-based Freesen & Partner GmbH. The 17th NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference 2006 is organized by the National Hydrogen Association. For the 2006 event, the organizers expect more than 80 exhibitors and over 1,500 attendees. Organizations already signed up include: Air Products, Ballard, BOC, BMW, Cabot Energy Materials, California Fuel Cell Partnership, Chevron, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, Hydrogenics, Linde, UTC Fuel Cells, Swagelok, Toyota, and many others.

For more information on Hydrogen Expo US please visit: http://www.hydrogenexpo.com
To learn more about the NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference go to: http://www.hydrogenconference.org

About Hydrogen Expo US:
Hydrogen Expo (TM) is organized by Germany-based Freesen & Partner GmbH. The company launched the first stand-alone hydrogen and fuel cell exhibition and conference "H2Expo" in Germany in 2001 before taking the success formula to the United States and to partner with the National Hydrogen Association. Freesen & Partner is a consulting and event management firm specialized in putting together targeted trade shows and conferences that meet its participants expectations in a time-saving, cost-effective manner.

About the National Hydrogen Association:
The National Hydrogen Association (NHA) is the premier hydrogen trade organization dedicated to supporting the transition to hydrogen. Efforts are focused on education and outreach, policy, safety and codes and standards. Since 1989, the NHA has served as a catalyst for information exchange and cooperative projects and continues to provide the setting for mutual support among industry, research and government organizations.

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Ines Freesen
Freesen & Partner GmbH
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email: info@hydrogenexpo.com

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