US Energy Independence via Renewable Energy

We have designed an aproach that will meet all the energy needs of the USA for all purposes from 100 % renewable sources. This will save money, create jobs and wealth, and end dependency on foreign oil. Global warming will also be ended.

Today's Pressing Problems with Energy

This Organization concerns itself with the pressing issue of securing energy independence for the US, while at the same time, forging solutions to the associated problems of global warming, security of supply, and financial growth and stability. This is an immense issue, and the problems resist a simple statement. Visit us at for our vision of the future.

For the sake of both brevity and clarity, we will attempt to summarize the problem below, without exploring the details of each facet of it. Thus we may list the issues as follows:

Adequacy of Supply:

As our population continues to increase, and as we act to preserve and improve the quality of life of each of our citizens, there is an obvious need for greater supplies of energy. We may fairly say that there is a minimum per capita energy requirement that must be met.

It is at the least improbable that any efforts at stabilizing population growth would ever succeed to the extent of ending, or even significantly reducing the population growth rate of the country. As it stands now, only a great disaster would have the potential to accomplish this. Obviously, we would seek to avert such a disaster.

Given the inevitability of US population growth, it follows that the Secured supply of energy must increase in like manner, or serious Disruptions will occur. Although energy conservation is of great value, and is to be sought after, it ultimately is not the answer, as the continued growth of the population will finally overwhelm any possible conservation regimen.

However, domestic production of energy in the US from fossil fuels peaked long ago. Alternatives that have been pursued up until now such as Nuclear, have come with their own huge costs, and have proven inadequate or grossly undesirable. Thus we have been led to the importation of vast amounts of foreign fossil fuels.

Ultimately, this cannot be sustained. Not only will we destroy life on
the planet through the unconstrained use of the remaining fossil fuels, but these fuels are finite in supply. They will run out. There is no question of this, it is simply a matter of time.

Thus, as matters now stand, there is no assured path to an adequate supply of energy in the US for the future.

Security of Supply:

At present, the US energy supply is heavily dominated by fossil fuels. There are significant nuclear and hydropower resources, but these are not likely to expand much beyond their current levels of contribution. In the case of Hydro this is because many of the best resources are already developed, while there is strong opposition to overdeveloping those few which remain. Nuclear power expansion is almost impossible, given the huge costs, waste issues, and universal opposition to such a course.

Since fossil fuels will therefore be the dominant source of energy unless something else is done, it can be seen that security of supply will be a major issue. This is because of the obvious fact that most of the world's remaining dwindling supply of fossil fuels lies in the hands of countries which are unstable at best, and openly hostile to the interests of the US at worst.

However much we may act to "stabilize" these countries, this situation is basically unalterable. These regions will never be the stable, democratically ruled nations we would wish them to be. Nor will their policies ever come to favor the US to the extent we would wish.

As a result, Terrorism, whether state sponsored or not, will remain a way of life in these countries. This will threaten the stability of energy supplies coming from these countries no matter what else is done. Furthermore, the official policies of these countries will certainly always favor their own financial and political interests at the expense of those of the US. Thus, even before the supplies run out, their availability to the US is a matter of grave doubt.

Financial Impacts of Energy Costs:

Energy costs are already high by historic standards. It has become obvious to nearly everyone that these prices are only the beginning of what is to come.

As fossil fuels become more scarce, energy costs will inevitably rise much higher. In addition, world population increases will continue, leaving more people to compete for an increasingly scare resource. Obviously, this will drive prices higher still.

Continued terrorist acts will produce both real and perceived threats to the lines of supply. This will act to make the costs of energy not only high but also unstable and unpredictable. This level of unpredictability will carry its own level of instability into the financial markets.

It is obvious that high and unpredictable fuel costs will impact the financial performance of the Nation, and the financial well-being of every person. This is enough to greatly reduce the standard of living of every person in the US.

Global Warming:

Many persons once scoffed at the idea that human activity was gravely altering the climate of the earth. Early adopters of this belief were derided as being alarmists, and ill-informed crackpots.

This is no longer the case.

An overwhelming body of scientific evidence now exists which proves conclusively that global warming is a fact. Indeed, many are beginning to believe that it not only exists, but has already progressed much further than even the believers had thought.

It is now well understood that the consequences of uncontrolled global warming would be catastrophic. Entire island nations would be wiped out. Coastal regions of all countries, including of course the US, would be devastated. Coastal cities, including New York and many others, could find themselves partially or completely destroyed.

If the use of fossil fuels is allowed to continue, and even expand, up until such use is finally ended by running out of these fuels, then the worst possible scenarios foreseen for global warming will take place.

This will leave is without fuel, precisely at the time when immense populations, and a grossly unstable environment, will scream out for the expenditure of massive amounts of energy to offset the destructive effects of global warming, and to preserve our very lives in the face of these effects. Consideration of global warming alone, without the other great issues of supply, security, and finance, would lead us to the obvious conclusion that we must not allow the unrestricted use of fossil fuels to continue beyond the present times.

To see our answers to these pressing questions and to understand our proposals for the path forward, please visit our website and read our position papers on the subject. The site is located at

Thank you for your time and interest.

Gary P. Hoffman

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