Candle Heater -- New Invention Captures Heat From a Candle

The Kandle Heeter(tm) Candle Holder is an attractive ceramic radiator suspended above a candle flame on a solid steel frame. The radiator collects and concentrates the heat from the candle flame and then gently radiates the heat into your room. It conserves energy and saves money.


The Kandle Heeter(tm) Candle Holder is an attractive ceramic radiator suspended above a candle flame on a solid steel frame. And it really works! The steel and ceramic radiator collects and concentrates the heat from the candle flame, becomes hot (but not burning), and gently radiates the heat from the candle into your room. (Add essential oil to the top plate for aromatherapy.)

Invented and manufactured in Fortuna, California from solid steel and ceramic components the candle heater is just over 9 inches tall and just under 7 inches wide and deep. It weighs over four pounds and ships in a 200 lb test cardboard box.

The steel and ceramic radiator is comprised of three nested ceramic modulators held together and separated by a solid steel inner core. The steel inner core is positioned directly above the candle and is driven to very high temperatures by the flame. It gets very, very hot!

The nested ceramic modulators transfer and moderate the high temperature of the inner core, one to another, until the outer ceramic modulator becomes a gently radiating thermal body that releases the concentrated heat from the candle into your home or office. If you burn candles, it only makes environmental and economical practical sense to capture the heat that is normally lost to the ceiling and use this heat in your own environment. (A typical 4.5 oz. jar candle contains over 1,000 Btu's!)

"The Kandle Heeter(tm) Candle Holder makes a real difference in a small room or bedroom," says inventor Doyle Doss. "And if there is a temporary power outage you will be able to create a warm room for your family and friends." Light and warmth (both from the same source!) makes an encouraging difference while you wait for the storm to pass.

Jim Osborn (Eureka, Ca.) purchased a candle heater for his wife. "It actually takes the chill off in a room. It's amazing," Jim has commented, with just a slight hint of incredulity. "The surface of the radiator can get as warm as an old fashioned steam radiator," says Mr. Doss, It is very surprising how much heat is actually in a candle, and if you have a recreational vehicle or camping trailer the candle heater can help you conserve propane while you are enjoying the Great Outdoors.

"We specialize in energy and environment invention," says Mr. Doss of his company, DOSS Products. "We want to help America stay warmer in winter by making practical use of wasted and overlooked heat sources." Additional information and photographs are available at

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