Fuel Cells and Advanced Batteries Vie for Portable Power Market

RenewableEnergyStocks.com - "Global Renewable Energy Insights" Examines the Portable Power Market for Fuel Cells and Advanced Batteries

RenewableEnergyStocks.com - "Global Renewable Energy Insights" Examines the Portable Power Market for Fuel Cells and Advanced Batteries

"Given the massive resources being applied to the task, one way or another portable fuel cells will soon be powering electronic devices." — Catherine Lacoursičre, Clean Technology Correspondent
POINT ROBERTS, Wash., March 1st, 2006 - www.RenewableEnergyStocks.com (RES), an investor and industry news portal for the renewable energy sector, presents the most recent "Global Renewable Energy Insights" column written by Catherine Lacoursičre, clean technology correspondent. This week's column provides perspectives on advancements in fuel cells and advanced batteries as they work to satisfy the needs of the portable power market. According to Research & Markets, forecasted sales for micro fuel cells are anticipated to reach $510 million by 2008, reaching approximately $111 billion by 2013.
Column Excerpt: Fuel Cells and Advanced Batteries Vie for Portable Power Market
By Catherine Lacoursiere
March 1st, 2006

Fuel cells, advanced battery technologies and hybrid technologies all hope to supplant and/or complement the lithium ion battery. The major competition in portable fuel cells is between hydrogen and direct methanol fuel cell technology. Direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC) are an earlier stage technology with a number of technical issues still to be ironed out, including low power density and efficiency. DMFC's require a more active and expensive catalyst to prevent corrosion, such as platinum.

Nonetheless, it is a proven technology in portable applications and a very active area of research. The DMFC can convert cheap liquid fuels directly to hydrogen, dispensing of the reforming unit, which also provides the potential for smaller footprints. The stock price of Polyfuel (LSE: PYF.L), a maker of membranes used in DMFCs, has been climbing steadily since its IPO last year.

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