Alchemy Enterprises, LTD. Creates a Renewable Energy Solution for the Clean Energy Market - New Featured Renewable Energy Company Alchemy Enterprises, LTD. Focused on Rechargeable Electric Power and Storage System for Electric Vehicles - New Featured Renewable Energy Company Alchemy Enterprises, LTD. Focused on Rechargeable Electric Power and Storage System for Electric Vehicles

Alchemy Enterprises, LTD. Creates a Renewable Energy Solution for the Clean Energy Market

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., March 17th, 2006 - (RES), a leading investor and industry portal for the renewable energy sector, introduces new-featured company Alchemy Enterprises, LTD. (OTCBB: ACHM); developer of a new technology which generates and manages power, electricity and propulsion systems. Alchemy is currently establishing its presence for the sale of its manufactured products globally.

Having established a working partnership with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Alchemy has a patent-filed technology with a wide-ranging application available for the electric energy market. The prototype being developed will be applied for initial implementation in both public transport and fleet heavy vehicles such as buses and cargo, and will provide an easier and more convenient recharging solution, resulting in reduced cost and increased efficiency compared to the regular combustion engine.

Electrical energy solutions in today's global marketplace that enable the powering of vehicles at roughly half the cost of a regular combustion engine, are growing in demand as global oil supplies face an uncertain future. As the nation strives to reduce its addiction to oil, the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources has outlined new goals in their 'Statement of Energy' posed by Secretary Bodman on the Department's FY 2007 Budget Request. A key aspect of the budget request is the President's 'Advanced Energy Initiative', which entails an increase of 22 percent for research at the Department of Energy, working towards clean energy technologies to help meet the nation's goal of reducing its dependence on foreign oil. Alternative energy solutions are being sought out on a wider scale, as this initiative begins to take effect.

Alchemy is developing a system which it believes will produces clean energy that is non toxic and environmentally safe. This technology is based upon the reuses of its primary fuel components and costs less than gas to refuel and is reliant on commonly found and abundant base earth metals. The company is anticipating this technology will exceed the un-official governmental benchmark of 10 years, allowing for long term storage capability making the system compatible for emergency requirements, posing added benefits for safety measures.

As Jonathan R. Read, President and CEO of Alchemy Enterprises stated, "The market applications for this product are significant, and include powering motor vehicles and homes. We have acquired what we believe to be a paradigm shifting technology for the alternative energy industry that will improve upon existing gasoline powered systems, positioning Alchemy to become a leader in this multi-billion dollar industry."

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