New Energy Finance launches New Carbon Finance

New Energy Finance is pleased to announce the launch of New Carbon Finance - European Carbon Market Price Forecast Services

New Energy Finance, a specialist provider of financial information and services to investors in clean energy, has acquired a team of carbon forecasting analysts and is launching New Carbon Finance - a suite of services providing deep insight into the drivers of European carbon prices.

Guy Turner and Milo Sjardin are joining New Energy Finance from London-based environmental consultancy Enviros. They will form the core of a new team within New Energy Finance to offer services on a subscription basis.
These will include a monthly "Deep Dive" analysis of carbon market supply/demand balances, rapid analytical response to breaking market developments, in-person briefings and the ability to run tailored scenarios.

Announcing the new services, Michael Liebreich, CEO and Founder of New Energy Finance, said: "Carbon finance and clean energy finance are inextricably linked. With this acquisition, we are able to complete the suite of services offered to investors by New Energy Finance. It could not have come at a better time - given the recent collapse in Phase I prices. There is a huge need for this service as the final countries announce their 2005 emissions and the eyes of the market start to move to Phase II."

Guy Turner, who will head up New Carbon Finance, explained his vision for New Carbon Finance: "Three years ago we began building the Carbon Balances Model. Over the past year, and particularly over the past month, we have seen that it gives unique visibility into the supply/demand balance for allowances and into prices. Moving to New Energy Finance gives us the ability to offer this insight to a broader global customer base."

The services offered by New Carbon Finance are already in use by a number of sophisticated investors and corporate clients.
Dr Anthony White MBE, Director of Advisory Services at investment bank Climate Change Capital, said: "Climate Change Capital has used the Carbon Balances Model since autumn 2005 and we have found it to be one of the best tools available for analysing and predicting carbon prices in the EU ETS. The model certainly predicted that prices would fall, which they did."

Lisa Parker, Emissions Markets Manager at BP said: "We have worked with Guy and his team for several years analysing carbon prices. Outputs from the Carbon Balances Model have helped inform our strategy within BP."

New Carbon Finance is being launched to coincide with Kln Carbon Expo 2006, jointly organized by the World Bank and the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA).

About New Energy Finance
New Energy Finance ( provides information and analysis to investors in the clean energy industry, covering venture capital, private equity, public markets, asset-based finance and M&A. Subscription services include the New Energy Finance Briefing and the New Energy Finance Desktop, the world's largest database of investment transactions in clean energy. The company also undertakes research, analysis and consultancy, and runs senior-level networking events. New Energy Finance is also co-publisher of the world's first global quoted clean energy stock market index, the NEX. In September 2005 the company was named Euromoney Ernst & Young Renewable Information Provider of the Year. New Energy Finance counts the leading financial institutions and corporates active in the sector among its clients.

About New Carbon Finance
New Carbon Finance ( provides deep analysis of the drivers of European carbon prices. Price forecasts are based on its proprietary Carbon Balances Model. Subscription services include a monthly "Deep Dive" providing insight into likely price movements, quick turn-round response to market developments, analyst phone support and in-person briefings, and custom price scenarios. New Carbon Finance is a division of New Energy Finance.

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