Maxwell Technologies announced that they have signed supply agreements with seven new distributor partners, which will strengthen Maxwell's growing international channel program throughout Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific markets.


June 6, 2006

Local Partners Expand Access and Customer Support in Asia Pacific and South Asia Transportation, Automotive Industrial and Consumer Electronics Markets
San Diego, CA — Maxwell Technologies announced today that it has signed supply agreements with seven new distribution partners, strengthening and expanding the company's growing international channel network.

The new partner relationships further strengthen Maxwell's presence in Europe and North America, and significantly expand its presence in the Asia Pacific and South Asia Technology markets. Channel partners supply Maxwell's BOOSTCAP® ultracapacitor products and provide support services to the company's rapidly growing customer base in the transportation, automotive, telecommunications, and industrial and consumer electronics markets.

The channel expansion follows the recent introduction of more than 30 new BOOSTCAP products to better meet customer demand for a broader range of form factors and fully integrated multi-cell ultracapacitor packs and modules. The expanded channel network augments the company's direct sales force in delivering products and services to designers and engineers who are turning to ultracapacitors to augment or replace batteries and other primary energy sources for "life of the application" power delivery and energy storage solutions.
"As a Maxwell distributor, being able to offer the BOOSTCAP ultracapacitor line allows us to bring new products and services to our customers and opens doors into markets and applications we could not previously address," said Tom Wight, national sales manager for the Tecate Group, a supplier of capacitor and manufacturing solutions to the military, medical, utility and telecommunications industries throughout North America and India. "Worldwide adoption of ultracapacitor products is growing and we are pleased to be part of this exciting design and engineering trend."

"Electronic designers in Asia recognize the value and importance of ultracapacitors across many important consumer and industrial applications," said Sam-Min, sales engineer for Motech Industries Inc., a Taiwanese distributor of electronic components. "Demand for BOOSTCAP products is on the rise in the Asia Pacific region and we are very pleased to support this innovative electronics community as a Maxwell channel partner."

Dr. Richard Balanson, Maxwell's president and chief executive officer, said that the company is moving aggressively to expand and strengthen both its direct sales force and external sales channels to ensure efficient distribution and responsive service to customers in all parts of the world.

"The worldwide ultracapacitor market is growing rapidly across regions and industries, and Maxwell is committed to strengthening its global reach in all key industrial regions," Balanson said. "We continuously strive to improve our products and customer support to meet the demand for cleaner, more reliable and efficient power and energy solutions. Our channel partners help to ensure that all potential customers have ready access to Maxwell's products and ensure that the BOOSTCAP brand is well-represented across the globe."

The newly signed BOOSTCAP distribution channel partners are:
• Tecate Group - North America and India -

• ECOM - Czech Republic and Slovakia -

• Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha, LTD. - Japan -

• CH Trading Corp - Korea -

• Motech Industries, Inc. - Taiwan -

• Desner Electronics - Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines -

• Glyn, LTD - Australia and New Zealand -

A complete list of Maxwell channel partners and their contact information may be accessed via the following link:

Maxwell is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative, cost-effective energy storage and power delivery solutions. Our BOOSTCAP® ultracapacitor cells and multi-cell modules and POWERCACHE® backup power systems provide safe and reliable power solutions for applications in consumer and industrial electronics, transportation and telecommunications. Our CONDIS® high-voltage grading and coupling capacitors help to ensure the safety and reliability of electric utility infrastructure and other applications involving transport, distribution and measurement of high-voltage electrical energy. Our radiation-mitigated microelectronic products include power modules, memory modules and single board computers that incorporate powerful commercial silicon for superior performance and high reliability in aerospace applications.

Media and Investors Contact:
Michael Sund
Maxwell Technologies
Phone: +1 (858) 503-3233

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