KLD's Global Climate 100 Index Marks First Year

KLD Research & Analytics, Inc. marks the one-year anniversary of its Global Climate 100 Index - the first global index focused on solutions to climate change. The Index has had strong performance numbers with a total return of 22.22% compared to 17.50% for the MSCI World Index.

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KLD's Global Climate 100 Index
Marks First Year Milestones
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Strong Performance and Launch of
First Environmental Index Fund in Japan

Boston, MA, July 13, 2006 - KLD Research & Analytics, Inc., an independent investment research and index provider, marks the one-year anniversary of its Global Climate 100 Index - the first global index focused on solutions to climate change - with two major milestones. The Index has had strong performance numbers with a total return of 22.22% from its launch on July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2006 compared to 17.50% for the MSCI World Index.

KLD GC 100 Index Cumulative Total Return Since Inception

Another milestone was the launch on June 30, 2006 of Shinko Investment Trust Managements' new "Chikyuryoku" fund, the first environmental index fund in Japan, which is indexed to KLD's Global Climate 100 Index. The fund trades under the ticker symbol 06312066 JP (Bloomberg ticker).

"We are pleased with the first year performance of KLD's Global Climate Index. What distinguishes the GC 100 from other environmental indexes is its broad diversification of international companies focused on solutions to climate change rather than a single 'pure play' sector or geographic region," said Thomas E. Kuh, managing director of KLD. "By design, there tends to be less volatility, and the companies are equally weighted in KLD's Global Climate 100 Index."

KLD's Global Climate 100 Index includes both large and small global companies across the value chain - producers, distributors, and consumers of renewable energies such as solar and wind, future fuels such as natural gas and hydrogen, and innovations or applications of new technologies that help to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

"KLD's Global Climate 100 Index is designed for investors seeking specialized strategies to invest in these types of companies. Increasingly, institutional and individual investors recognize that climate change is an investment issue - not just an environmental issue," said Peter D. Kinder, president of KLD. "While these companies alone won't 'fix' global warming, the Index focuses investors' attention on where the possibilities lie."

According to KLD's Kuh, pension funds are particularly concerned about the financial risks associated with climate change. "As fiduciaries with a long time horizon, they are looking for new strategies to integrate these factors into their investments. The Global Climate 100 looks ahead to show investors where the opportunities to address global warming will come from," Kuh said.

The International Energy Agency projects that $10 trillion dollars will be invested in energy systems in the next three decades to meet growing global demand. "Climate change is a global issue, so it is not surprising that companies around the world are developing technologies, products, and applications to respond to the problem," Kuh added.

Representative Companies in KLD Global Climate 100 Index
Companies in the KLD Global Climate 100 Index fall into three categories with roughly equal representation: renewable energy, future fuels, and clean technology and efficiency.
Since it includes companies from a broad range of sectors - including oil, automotive, utilities, and financial services - the Global Climate 100 Index is more diversified than benchmarks for the renewable energy industry or the broader energy sector.

KLD Senior Analyst, Andrew Brengle, heads a dedicated team that identifies and researches both small pure-play companies and large diversified companies for possible inclusion in KLD's Global Climate 100 Index. Since its launch in July 2005, there has been a 16% turnover of companies, due to corporate actions such as acquisitions and divestitures or changes in Index liquidity thresholds.

Representative companies currently in the index include: Toyota Motor Corporation and Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. for clean technology and efficiency; Abengoa SA and United Technologies Corporation for future fuels; and Royal Dutch Shell PLC and Evergreen Solar, Inc. for renewable energy.

Equal Weighting
The KLD Global Climate 100 Index allocates 1% to each of the 100 securities in the index to assure that large-cap companies do not unduly influence the performance of the index and to channel capital to small companies committed to preventing global climate change. This provides higher exposure to small-cap companies and lower exposure to large-cap companies than a cap-weighted index. Each quarter, KLD rebalances the Index to bring each holding back to 1%.

Geographic Representation of the Index (Table 4)
Companies in the KLD Global Climate 100 come from 14 countries, reflecting a broad geographical distribution. Fifty percent of the companies are from North America, 22 percent from Europe and 20 percent from the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan.

KLD GC 100 Index Geographic Representation

About KLD Indexes
KLD Indexes, a division of KLD Research & Analytics, constructs indexes for investors who integrate environmental, social and governance factors into their investment decisions. Investors, trustees, and consultants depend on the quality and integrity of KLD Indexes, which are designed to be transparent, representative and investable. Today, more than $10 billion is invested in funds based on KLD's family of indexes.

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About KLD Research & Analytics, Inc.
KLD Research & Analytics, Inc. is an independent investment research firm providing investment management tools used by professionals to serve clients requiring investment strategies based on social and environmental responsibility.

Since 1988, institutional investors, managers, trustees, consultants and advisors have depended on the quality and expertise of KLD. Institutional money managers worldwide use KLD's research to integrate environmental, social and governance factors into their investment decisions.

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