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Geologic Heating Systems Inc Features Patented Technology for Petroleum-free Heating and Cooling

As energy prices continue to climb at unprecedented rates, many builders and homeowners are exploring new options to help them deal with high heating costs. With increasing volatility in the Middle East, it seems inevitable that there will be more instability in the petroleum marketplace. "Essentially, we are seeing an increase in world demand and a levelling off of supply. The number of meaningful oil and gas discoveries are in decline," says Peter Baker, President of GeoLogic Heating Systems Inc. "World prices are continuing to climb and the forecast is for more of the same. People see the news and the prices. Naturally, they want to save money and reduce their energy use. Our systems allow them to do just that."

As well as installing conventional geoexchange (or geothermal) products, Geologic is distributing and installing another patented technology that can be used nearly anywhere and which also eliminates the need for gas or oil to heat a building. Sales of this product line have increased by 400% since 2000. Using what is known as Direct Expansion (DX) technology, the system extracts energy from underground and then concentrates it to heat and cool your home.

With these new geoexchange systems, heating bills are typically cut in half. The system life span is estimated to be 25 years, twice that of a normal new furnace. One advantage of these waterless geothermal systems is that they can be installed in small city properties. Mr Baker has 26 years of experience in the heating and cooling business in Ottawa and he has never seen such explosive sales growth in any other product. The systems are receiving much international press also. In the latest US trade journal called Geo-Outlook, DX technology is featured and endorsed by the University of Oklahoma based International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (North Americas leading authoritative organization in the ground source heat pump industry) as "the worlds number one heating and cooling system."

According to Mr Baker, today's customers see this ultra-efficient heating and cooling system as a solution to the double-digit increases being seen in gas and oil products. "This is definitely a product whose time has come," said Baker, adding, "In a typical new home of 1900 square feet, the DX system will cost $1300 (Canadian) for the whole year to heat and cool the home. And whenever it is on, it generates domestic hot water. That offers further savings."

How does it work?

A tracked drilling machine drills three to five three inch holes straight down in your yard and then sealed copper ground loops are inserted into them to absorb or dissipate heat. They can be installed in the yard of an averaged sized lot; they can even be installed underneath a new home prior to its construction. The ground loops are then connected to the geoexchange unit, which looks much like a furnace. The system uses patented liquid-to-gas energy conversion to extract energy from underneath your home by pumping a highly compressed refrigerant 100 feet below the surface. The liquid changes state to a gas when it is one hundred feet below the surface: this causes the ground loop to become very cold. Because the copper loop is now very cold, the relative heat of the surrounding earth is attracted and absorbed by it. When this warmed gas reaches the DX unit it is re-compressed and gives off the differential heat that it has absorbed. That equates to hot air in the ducting, which measures 110 degrees fahrenheight. The unit runs on electricity, and for every 1000 watts of energy it uses, it gives off an average of 3800 watts of heat no matter what the outdoor temperature. In the summer, the process is reversed and it delivers extremely efficient air conditioning. The heat it extracts from the home is used to heat your domestic hot water. Whatever energy is not used is pumped back into the ground silently for future use. There is no outdoor fan unit, no combustion and no chimney.
GeoLogic Systems typically cost 2 to 3 times as much as conventional furnaces/AC combinations and will usually save $100,000 or more over the lifespan of the equipment. Peter Baker, of GeoLogic: "The extra initial cost is typically recouped in four to seven years. You would be spending that anyway over the next few years on energy bills, so you are better off to install the DX or other geothermal system, eliminate your gas or oil bill and increase the home's equity and sale value." he said. "In addition, you will no longer be susceptible to the wild petroleum price increases being driven by growing world demands."

The systems are offered by a number of progressive Ontario builders such as Brian Howie Custom homes and Metric Homes (Canada's first Energy Star Rated Builder) who are planning to make Canada's first tract development using the DX system as the premium energy efficiency option. Cardell homes also offer the DX. The systems are considered to be the most environmentally friendly heating systems on the market according to the Federal government. For every hour of use, the DX system produces one pound less of CO2 than a conventional furnace system. The cumulative annual green house gas reduction realized by installing one of these systems is like removing two cars from the road.

Please visit the web site at for more information about their products. They can also be reached at 613-839-0033 or by email at

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