Delivers 2200 Watt-hours (180 Amp-hours) for Emergency Radio and Laptop Battery Recharge, Emergency Lighting, Portable Satellite Phones and Modems

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Delivers 2200 Watt-hours (180 Amp-hours) for Emergency Radio and Laptop
Battery Recharge, Emergency Lighting, Portable Satellite Phones and Modems

Crucial for Fires, Hurricanes, Tornados, and other Emergencies

Folsom, CA - September 14, 2006 - Jadoo Power Systems Inc. (Jadoo) www.jadoopower.com, the leading supplier of portable fuel cell systems, announced today the XRT, a powerful new addition to the lineup of fuel cells and accessories available from Jadoo. Making its debut at the Fire Rescue International Expo 2006, on September 15th in Dallas, Texas, the XRT delivers the power density demanded by the emergency preparedness market.

Jadoo's XRT provides critical support power when the grid is either unavailable or unreliable. The XRT can be used for power-hungry emergency response applications that need power support, such as portable radio and laptop battery recharging, as well as a battery replacement for emergency lighting and critical communication devices like satellite phones and modems.

Supporting Jadoo's N-Gen fuel cell power unit and N-Stor fuel storage canisters, the Jadoo XRT weighs only 50 pounds, but provides the energy of four 45 Amp-hour batteries weighing over 100 pounds. A mobile, rugged fuel cell power package, the XRT can be configured to deliver application runtimes well beyond that of standard deep-cycle, marine batteries.

A fully-configured XRT includes:
Six N-Stor360 fuel canisters, providing up to 2200 Watt-hours (180 Amp-hours)
of runtime
One 100 Watt N-Gen fuel cell power unit
110 VAC and 12 VDC outputs
Hot-Swap capable, allowing for continuous, uninterrupted operation
Easy-to-use digital "state-of-fill" indicator to identify remaining runtime

"We are thrilled to introduce the XRT to the emergency response markets," said Jack Peterson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Jadoo. "The tragic effects of lost grid power were highlighted by the events following Katrina and the ensuing floods. When emergency responders' batteries died, radios as well as other life-saving equipment were rendered useless. With Jadoo's XRT, first responders can have the power they demand where and when they need it."

About Jadoo Power Systems
Jadoo Power Systems, Inc. is a market-focused company that develops and sells next-generation, portable energy storage and power generation products. Jadoo is financed by Mohr Davidow Ventures, Venrock Associates and Sinclair Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.

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