Fuel Cells will Replace Batteries and Emergency Responders Will be Trained in Alternative Power Applications

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Fuel Cells will Replace Batteries and Emergency Responders
Will be Trained in Alternative Power Applications

Folsom, CA - October 23, 2006 - Jadoo Power Systems Inc. (Jadoo) www.jadoopower.com, the leading supplier of portable fuel cell systems, announced today that Jadoo and technology partner Millennium Cell (NASDAQ: MCEL - News) were chosen as fuel cell technology providers for the Greater Columbia "Fuel Cell Challenge." The Greater Columbia "Fuel Cell Challenge" is a groundbreaking plan involving unprecedented integration of hydrogen fuel cell technology into multiple aspects of the City and University. Columbia's vision is to become the first planned end-to-end fuel cell city by building an innovation pipeline around fuel cells in three phases: Discovery, Development and Deployment.

Jadoo's line of N-Gen Fuel Cell Power Units and XRT Extended Runtime Accessories were awarded to various companies, governmental agencies and university research groups for use with a variety of sponsored projects. Emergency Responders as well as Professional TV Broadcasters will benefit from the latest in fuel cell technology. Features such as long runtime, zero degradation and rapid recharge make Jadoo's fuel cells an attractive power alternative for current "brick" battery and generator users.

"Columbia is excited that the initial wave of projects includes a family of fuel cell products that already are commercialized and have an economic value proposition," said City of Columbia Mayor Bob Coble. "Building a knowledge economy in Columbia centered around leading edge fuel cell technology is what this challenge is about."

"Maintenance issues involved with gas generators and back-up battery usage is no longer a problem with the Jadoo XRT fuel system," said Deputy Director Harold Reaves with the City of Columbia Department of Homeland Security. "Predictable, reliable, off-grid power in a portable package will help our department respond more efficiently in emergency situations."

"At ETV we love being on the cutting edge of education and technology, and we are very excited to be using Jadoo's N-Gen power units," said Moss Bresnahan, President and CEO, SCETV. "Thus far, our engineers are very impressed, and we are pleased to be part of this commitment that South Carolina is making in hydrogen fuel cell use."

Jadoo's XRT provides extended power support for a variety of battery operated applications when the grid is either unavailable or unreliable. The XRT is a 100 W, 110VAC / 12VDC power support system with over 2200 Watt-hours runtime. It is ideal for off-grid, critical applications, such as portable radio and laptop battery recharging, powering mobile law enforcement surveillance installations as well as providing back-up power for critical communication devices like satellite phones and modems.

The XRT currently uses six metal hydride canisters for fuel storage, which weigh approximately 30 total pounds. Together with Millennium Cell, Jadoo is developing a chemical hydride-based fuel canister for the XRT that will deliver the same runtime at half the weight. In the second phase of this program, the chemical hydride canister will be deployed in the applications targeted as part of this initiative.

"Millennium Cell is pleased to be partnered with Jadoo and South Carolina to provide an innovative, light weight fuel canister for the XRT. We continue to be impressed with the initiatives in South Carolina and are honored to be part of the first round of awards in this world class program," said Adam Briggs, President of Millennium Cell.

"Being involved with the projects that Columbia Fuel Cell Challenge has awarded is very exciting," said Larry Bawden, President and CEO at Jadoo. "It is exactly what is needed to 'jump-start' large scale interest and draw attention to the new opportunities and applications that exist for hydrogen fuel cell power. Columbia is truly developing a new economy around the latest in commercially-viable, alternative power."

About Jadoo Power Systems
Jadoo Power Systems, Inc. is a market-focused company that develops and sells next-generation, portable energy storage and power generation products. Jadoo is the largest supplier of fuel cell products to the portable power space. Jadoo is financed by Mohr Davidow Ventures, Venrock Associates and Sinclair Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.

About Millennium Cell
Millennium Cell develops hydrogen battery technology through a patented borohydride-based chemical process that safely stores and delivers hydrogen energy to power portable devices. Millennium Cell's technology can be scaled to fit any application requiring high energy density for long run-time in a compact space. The Company is working with market partners to meet demand for its patented process in four areas: military, medical, industrial and consumer electronics.

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