For the ultimate positive shopping experience, visit to find the perfect green gift this holiday season!

This holiday season, EcoMall, one of the Internet's first and longest-running environmental websites, offers inspiration and gift ideas to show our love for our friends and family - and the Earth. The web site (celebrating its 13th anniversary in 2007) helps to make that process easier by offering over a hundred green gift ideas in its - Gifts section (

From organic cotton clothing, bedding and toys, to natural body care and aromatherapy products, the EcoMall web site offers a wealth of gift suggestions that use natural and sustainable materials, reduce waste and reinforce our connection with nature.

Just a few of the ideas include organic coffee or chocolates, stainless steel water bottles, electric scooters, wind chimes, fair trade jewelry and crafts, soft and stylish organic and hemp clothing, home accents made from bamboo and sustainably harvested wood, gifts baskets filled with delicious organic goodies, and even an - Eco Starter kit which introduces people to a sampling of green and energy-saving products, such as compact fluorescent light bulbs.

With all the media attention given to issues like global warming through movies like Al Gores An Inconvenient Truth, this holiday season offers the perfect opportunity to give gifts that truly give - earth-friendly, natural products that are healthy for the recipient as well as our beleaguered Planet Earth.

Marianne Schnall, co-founder of the EcoMall says, - I think that this year has awakened a real sense of an individuals personal power, as well as responsibility, in terms of considering how we tread on this earth, and the practices and products we support. It feels good to contribute to being a part of the solution, which we can do by supporting environmentally-friendly products this holiday season, as well as making a New Years resolution to be more aware of how our lifestyle impacts the environment. And we can feel good knowing we are making consumer choices that register our vote for a healthier and more sustainable future for our planet.

Tom Kay, President of EcoMall, adds, -We want to make it easier for people to find the perfect, cutting-edge, chic eco-gifts this holiday season. offers the most diverse list of environmentally-friendly green gift ideas on the Internet, with gifts to please adults and children of all ages. However, thinking and buying green need not feel like a chore - many people are surprised to discover that earth-friendly products feel, taste and work even better than their conventional counterparts, are healthier for their family, and often times not only save energy but money!

Visit for many more ideas, articles, information and resources. EcoMall Co-Founders Tom Kay and Marianne Schnall are available for interviews, and are experts on incorporating a more environmentally aware lifestyle, as well as offering earth-friendly holiday tips.

For the ultimate positive shopping experience, visit to find the perfect green gift this holiday season!

Happy Green Shopping!

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Since its launch in November 1994, the EcoMall has provided educational articles, a comprehensive selection of environmental companies, products and services, exclusive interviews with celebrities and more. The EcoMall offers a voice to America's sustainable business industry, featuring over 300 retailers and wholesalers in over 70 shopping categories, links to government education, non-profit groups, environmental news, activism alerts, as well as the EcoMalls popular - Green Living Magazine. 2007 will mark the EcoMalls 13th year on the Internet.

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