Million Campaign Homepages for Environmental and Social Responsibility

The Million Campaign Homepage is offering one million pixels to groups and organizations involved in furthering peace, liberty, democracy, environmental prosperity, education, health, bread and water, an open and border-less society, a co-operative commonwealth and the principle of less is more.

The campaign aims to employ the huge success of Alex Tew's Million Dollar Homepage in order to create an online ecosystem of campaign groups that co-exist together. Originally exclusive to the United Kingdom, the project has now expanded to include Canada and the United States.

Launched in August of 2006, the Million Campaign Homepage was conceived by Matthew Edwards and created by Small Fish Online. Their basic premise is not to make money but to "put together a site for people and organizations involved in furthering social and environmental harmony." They are giving away blocks of 25 x 25 pixels to qualifying non-profit websites (.jpg or .gif formats). Website icons are displayed in a mosaic format.

MCH UKOur timing is not accidental. We are operating at a pivotal moment in terms of the future of our countries and of our planet. In the era of peak oil, of global warming, of the exponentially worsening situations created by the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, and of spectacular natural disasters such as the Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, it is time for a profound paradigm shift in the way that we relate to one another and to our planet.

Also we are now in the run-up to the US midterm elections, which will be an interesting barometer of shifting US public opinion as we enter the twilight of the Bush regime. The world cannot wait for another world to be real, rather than simply possible. Hopefully over time a family of cyber-mosaics across the world will help to stimulate not only consciousness change, but also practical legislative transitions and metamorphoses in social and economic organization.

The guiding principle of MCH is synergy. When people co-operate and work together what they achieve is greater than the sum of the parts. By including a large variety of different campaigns, organizations and motivated individuals in one place, we hope to increase links between not only them but the wider public as a whole. Our planet and our society are in a crisis. When there is an emergency, you need as many ambulances - going in the same direction, at the same time - as possible.

Requirements for site placement:

* You must operate within Canada or the UK (USA coming soon).
* Your organization must work for public and planetary service.
* Your organization must not work for private profit.
* No violence or discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, age, class, or any other arbitrary hierarchical distinctions.

Help Wanted:
Live in the USA? Interested in becoming a MCH Webmaster? MCH is looking for people to run the Million Campaign Homepages for individual US states. Money is tight at the moment, but full logistical and moral support will be provided to anybody in the US who joins the growing MCH network. If you think you could run an MCH and would like to find out more, please visit the USA FAQ.

Visit the homepages:

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