International PV Trade Mission to Italy and Greece from 4-9 March 2007

Will the attractive financial incentive schemes in Italy and Greece create new, booming PV markets in Europe? The purpose of the "PV Business Tour Italy-Greece 2007" from 4 to 9 March is to get an answer to this question.

Rotterdam, 19 December 2006

Will the attractive financial incentive schemes in Italy and Greece create new, booming PV markets in Europe?

The purpose of the "PV Business Tour Italy-Greece 2007" from 4 to 9 March is to get an answer to this question. The focus of this open and international PV trade mission is to learn more about the feed-in tariff systems, procedures, market conditions and to explore business and investment opportunities in both countries. will organise this open international PV trade mission in close cooperation with the Solar Industry Associations of Italy (GIFI) and Greece (HELAPCO). In January 2007, the revised law regulating the feed-in tariff is expected to mark the start of rapid growth of the Italian PV market and in June 2006 an attractive feed-in tariff system was launched in the other sunny South-European country, Greece. Both countries show enormous potential for PV application and could follow Spain in the development of large-scale PV power plant projects.

The one week program consists of several presentation and company promotion sessions. The international participants will be informed about the latest details of the financial incentives and PV market developments. Speakers will be high level representatives of involved government bodies, the regulatory authorities, GIFI, HELAPCO and major PV companies.
Furthermore, in both Athens and Rome, an international symposium will be organised. The international participants may present their company, products and experience to the local members of the solar industry association and other interested businesses. These events will end with an informal reception and lunch buffet. This will provide further unique opportunities to meet with the major market players and potential business partners.
Invited to join are business owners, entrepreneurs and executives with an interest for international business development.
Following the international tour program, participants will have the chance to visit the Renewable Energy exhibition at Athens airport from 9-11 of March. Before the start of the tour, the Renewable Energy exhibition in Madrid will take place (28 February to 2 March). The timing of the PV Business Tour Italy-Greece will therefore offer an ideal opportunity to visit Europe's main markets and meet the major players in just one and a half weeks. The all-inclusive fee for the completely organised PV-tour is 3,250, including the stays in 4-star hotels, dinners, sightseeing and all travel arrangements such as the return flight from Athens to Rome. The details and a registration form are available on the website The programme is fully organised with room for informal meetings.

Market expectations
The Italian Government has set the PV goal to 1,000 MW of installed capacity by 2015. During the first months of 2006, the market situation became slightly chaotic due to the enormous over-subscription of the attractive feed-in tariff incentives. It forced the government to adjust the law and administrative procedures. The new law is expected to be published in January 2007. The Greek government has set its target of 700MWp for 2020. The attractive feed-in tariff in Greece is 0.40 to 0.50/kWh, depending on system size and location. Commercial plants will be eligible for an additional investment subsidy of up to 50%. The combination could result in financial pay-back times of less than 8 years. With their sunny climate and available free land, both Greece and Italy offer a solar investment climate comparable with, or even better than, that of Europe's currently rising star, Spain.

About is the independent global PV marketplace, offering (free) information and matchmaking services to empower solar businesses. SolarPlaza has successfully organised four PV business tours to Spain and China before. New tours to Korea, USA, China and other countries are being planned. SolarPlaza's recently-published survey report entitled "The Italian PV Market" highlighted the fact that Italy has the potential to become one of the world's major PV markets. In January SolarPlaza will publish a report explaining all details of the Greek feed-in tariff and subsidy system.

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