NGVAmerica Applauds President's Petroleum Displacement Initiative

Biomethane can help relieve oil dependence

Washington, DC (January 24, 2007) - Last night in his State

of the Union address, President Bush called for increasing the
use of renewable and non-petroleum alternative fuels to 35
billion gallons, and reducing U.S. transportation reliance on
gasoline 20 percent by 2017. The White House also issued
an executive order calling upon federal agencies to take
steps to annually increase their use of alternative fuels by 10
percent. NGVAmerica and the NGV Industry applaud the
President for this leadership, and enthusiastically support all
these initiatives and goals.

Natural gas powered vehicles, which produce less
greenhouse gases than comparable gasoline and diesel
vehicles, are the fastest growing alternative fuel vehicles
around the world. In the US, use of NGVs is also growing --
especially in high-fuel-use urban vehicles, like transit buses,
trash trucks, school buses, delivery vehicles and taxis.
They're also growing as clean commuter vehicles.

"In the US, NGVs are already displacing several hundred
million gallons of petroleum, and that number can increase
rapidly," said NGVAmerica president Richard Kolodziej. "In
addition, if there were a major focus on producing natural
gas-like biomethane from landfills, sewage and animal
waste, NGVs running on biomethane alone could displace 10
billion gallons of petroleum annually - almost a third of the
President's goal."

"Given the commitment expressed by the President and
similar commitments of Congressional leaders to address
petroleum reliance, it is very likely that something concrete
will be done this year to further encourage the use of
alternative fuels like natural gas," said Kolodziej. "We are
finally starting to see some real consensus on the need to
address our petroleum reliance. It is encouraging, and the
NGV industry will play a big part in achieving those goals."

NGVAmerica is a national organization dedicated to the
development of a growing, sustainable and profitable market
for vehicles powered by natural gas or hydrogen.
NGVAmerica represents more than 120 companies interested
in the promotion and use of natural gas and hydrogen as
transportation fuels, including: engine, vehicle and equipment
manufacturers; fleet operators and service providers; natural
gas companies; and environmental groups and government
organizations. For more information about NGVAmerica, visit
our website at

Rich Kolodziej, President - NGVAmerica

NGVAmerica | 400 N. Capitol St. NW | Washington | DC | 20001

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