- iZIP' Hybrid Electric Bikes Make their Debut Appearance on Ed Begley Jr's New Comedy Series "Living With Ed". The Episode Premiers Sunday, January 28 at 10 pm ET/PT -

(Chatsworth, CA, January 24, 2007) - The electric bike market in Holland is booming, reports the well known European Trade Journal - Bike Europe. In fact, electric bikes show the largest growth of any category in 2006 accounting for approximately 5% of the total market there. Why? According to Larry Pizzi, Currie Technologies President and CEO, "It's the new product designs and improved technology that is now available in our iZIP bikes here in the United States". "These fantastic designs look nothing like the clunky electric bikes of old, said Pizzi. You really have to look closely to determine that they are even electric powered." This new breed of hybrid electric bicycles use advanced rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium Ion batteries hidden in one of the bikes frame tubes and they are powered by a small yet powerful Electro-Drive' hub motor that is not much bigger then a conventional, internally geared three-speed hub. The motor is actuated by an advanced pedal torque system that uses a series of sensors read by a programmable controller which calculates the correct amount of juice needed to power the bicycles wheel.

These technical and design improvements are driving the market as they provide riders a viable alternative to getting in their automobiles each time they need to go somewhere. People are using these new iZIP hybrid e-bikes for everything from transportation to extended recreation and for other activities that they would never consider using a conventional bicycle for in the past. They enable the rider to go further and faster without struggling up hills or into a headwind.

These bikes are also an environmentalist's dream come true, combining human power with clean, green electric assist - making the bikes one of the most efficient forms of powered transportation available today. That is why well know Emmy-nominated Actor and committed environmentalist, Ed Begley Jr. is a real fan of iZIP e-bikes. The bikes will make their debut appearance in Ed's new comedy TV show, "Living with Ed" which broadcasts Sundays at 10pm ET/PT on HGTV. This week's show will feature the bikes in an episode entitled "Ed's Perfect Birthday". Because Ed and his wife Rachelle use their iZIP e-bikes regularly in their daily lives, viewers should expect to spot them rolling down the road periodically throughout the broadcast of the new series.

Currie Technologies recently entered into a long term marketing agreement with Ed Begley Jr. and BCII, the producers of "Living With Ed". Begley, best known for his role in the 1980s hit hospital drama "St. Elsewhere," has been a committed environmentalist since 1970. "Richard Mayer, one of Currie's founders, has built electric cars over the years for Mr. Begley so Ed's been a real advocate of Currie Electro-Drive' e-bikes for many years" said Pizzi. "With the heightened awareness of environmental issues, the aging population and rising fuel costs, there could not be a better time and we are delighted to be working with Ed and Rachelle to spread the word and attempt to capture the imagination of viewers that will be exposed to our new iZIP hybrid e-bikes as a practical transportation alternative. We're working together to promote the iZIP brand and spread the word about this new breed of bicycles. We are genuinely excited about the many promotional efforts we have underway to build awareness of our products and confident that once you take a test-spin, that you'll be sold too."

About Currie Technologies, Inc.
Currie Technologies, Inc. is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of quality, high-performance hybrid and electric powered vehicles and personal transportation products. Currie Technologies was founded in 1998 by Dr. Malcolm R. Currie, the former chairman and CEO of Hughes Aircraft and Delco Electronics, on the conviction that electrically driven vehicles will become increasingly important for fundamental environmental and economic reasons, and that new and large international markets will emerge. Currie Technologies hold various technology patents on the Electro-Drive' Propulsion Systems, unique electric drive systems that provides superior performance and durability at a reasonable price. To learn more about Currie Technologies and its iZIP product line, please visit www.currietech.com or www.izipusa.com.

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