Indian Centre For Jatropha Promotion (CJP) Introduced Various New & Enhanced Jatropha Production Technology/Products to Address Rural Farmers concern whilst Making them /Growers Fully Equipped To Ensure A Full Flagged Fuel Farm

Centre for Jatropha promotion & biodiesel (CJP) has been working in the field of jatropha promotion for biodiesel production and become a pioneer of Physic nut Plantation & Production. The research findings and on-hand field experiences in respect of various technical, agronomical/silvicultural aspects of plantations of jatropha in various categories of land as well under different plantation models have resulted in significant improvements in knowledge and technical background related to Productivity, profitability and sustainability of commercial production of jatropha oil crop.

Based on our proprietary knowledge and experience gained CJP has developed and enhanced a wide range of Products and set of Jatropha energy project services (JEP) to implement project through our level of competence and technical expertise.

The product includes Jatropha agri-extention kit (JAE-K) - a start up support with an easy- to- implement technology for encouraging & enabling the rural farmers/ new growers to start the jatropha crop cultivation in a right and proper manner to ensure a "Succeedsure Jatropha fuel farm".

Biofuels' exciting growth prospects have drawn in investors Well-known/new entrepreneurs are pushing into the sector .Just to facilitate CJP has introduced jatropha biodiesel farming business plans( JFB & JBP) from farming to fuel based on our extensive experience , research and knowledge keeping in view the fact that "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail"

CJP has identified Superior planting material (J-03) with standard benchmarks and is in process to get them registered.

CJP has enhanced Jatropha Crop cultivation technology and Crop care Practices

CJP is also in a process to facilitate the production of bio-oil and other products from the jatropha seeds by supplying small, low cost mills (JBM), with a capacity of 500-1000 liters per day.

By integrating technical and managerial issues, CJP has developed Jatropha Agricultural Training package (JTP) to deliver Competencies through Qualified trainers with a practical 'hands on' approach. The new 5 days session is going to start from April 23-27, 2007

In recent years, the Indian government has shown a major interest in Jatropha, and alongside other developing countries, a number of international groups are now sharing this interest"

Jatropha is a non-edible, perennial plant that has been on the sidelines of research for the last fifty years. The main interest currently rests in Jatropha Curcas (the nuts of the plant), which produce seeds that can be used to produce biodiesel.

Given that it is non-edible, its cultivation doesn't impact the supply or prices of food crops. Another major bonus is that it can be grown just about anywhere including arid and drought-plagued regions. It is also cheap, hardy and not subject to the vagaries of seasons.

And then, there are further advantages that would make it appealing to developing countries. It is useful for restoring soil, combating desertification, and providing fertilizer as well as offering employment.

Jatropha is a more sustainable crop than palm oil. While palm oil is currently prized as a future source for biodiesel, it is increasingly in the spotlight for environmental issues.

CJP is worldwide promoter of jatropha offering a number of services with enhanced technologies from "Soil to Oil" in connection with producing jatropha for biodiesel
Website: http://www.jatrophaworld.org

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