ISS Foresight 6.0 — Professional 3D simulation? Depends on how you make it!

ISS 3D today announced the release of ISS Foresight 6.0, the 3D Software for Real-Time Visual Simulation that is revolutionizing the land development industry.

Whether it is to build a street corner, to manage a sustainable energy project or teaching a geographic site, 3D visual simulation is a powerful tool to visualize the impact of a project in its proper environment. However, due to its complexity it remains underutilized.

The major limitation in the domain of 3D simulation is real-time conception. For instance, with the current modeling techniques proposed by the 3D/GIS/CAD software companies, the simple task of constructing a road and displacing it only a few meters can take hours. The traditional 3D modeling techniques prevent a significant number of professionals from acquiring the true benefits of 3D visualization.

Welcome to the future

ISS Foresight's greatest contributions to the industry is the real-time 3D simulation. Using readily available input data, land development professionals can simulate in real-time their two-dimensional plans into a 3D environment that will respond to any change instantly. It eliminates lengthy waiting while external graphics specialists work on your plans. With an extremely user-friendly interface, users navigate through the 3D environment in real time. As 3D elements are added or removed, 3D views of the changes can be made instantly allowing to concentrate on creative and technical tasks. No need to spend days rendering to obtain images or videos, ISS Foresight does it in a few minutes.ISS Foresight's ease-of-use, allows 3D simulation to become a fundamental part of designing, planning and implementation land development projects.

Project rejection by an unconvinced general public?

With ISS Foresight, communication with the public is enhanced because they are able to see in 3D and understand the impact of a project. An informed and satisfied public ultimately makes the decision-making process easier. ISS Foresight also facilitates cooperation throughout the planning life-cycle. This is especially relevant for interdisciplinary teams, whose large-scale projects involve stakeholders that range from technicians to politicians.

About In Situ Simulation

ISS is a Montreal-based company that develops state-of-the-art 3D visual simulation technology for land-development projects. ISS believes that 3D simulation gives public and private developers the power to make creative and judicious choices.


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