50 Experts will discuss demand dynamics in the world's major PV markets

A select group of 50 experts from 15 different countries will discuss the dynamics of global demand for PV modules in an exclusive symposium on Tuesday 4 September in Milan.

A select group of 50 experts from 15 different countries will discuss the dynamics of global demand for PV modules in an exclusive symposium on Tuesday 4 September in Milan. Leading solar energy experts from each of the world's 8 major PV markets (Germany, Japan, USA, Spain, Italy, Greece, South Korea, China) will analyse their domestic market developments and share their expectations for further market growth in the coming years. Among the participants will be senior executives of manufacturers in different stages of the supply chain and representatives from the financial sector and energy utilities. During interactive sessions and a plenary discussion, all participants will be able to share their views and forecasts on the demand side of the global PV market.

Rotterdam, 28 August 2007

The theme of this expert meeting and networking event is highly topical, given the recently announced ideas for a further downward adjustment of the current successful German feed-in tariff for PV. Germany still is by far the world's largest PV market. But what will happen if this incentive changes? Managing Director Gerhard Stryi-Hipp of the German Solar Industry Association will discuss this issue. The upcoming PV-markets of Spain, Italy and Greece, with high feed-in tariffs for PV, look very promising from a demand-side perspective. Will this offer prosperous and large scale investment opportunities? Quite a lot is happening in the USA, looking at the industrial and financial initiatives in new thin-film PV module production. Will this push market module prices downwards across the PV sector or will the demand side of the global PV market still outpace the industrial production of PV modules worldwide?

Expert Travis Bradford from the Prometheus Institute will put the demand discussion in perspective with the global supply dynamics and solar industry growth. Founder Jigar Shaw of the American market leader SunEdison will share his experiences to stimulate the US market in the various States of the country. In potential, the USA could become the world's major PV market in a few years. China offers gigantic market potential as well. But up to now, market development is still highly dependent on government support programs. What will China do? Asian giant Japan is still the world's second largest market. Is this market really self-sustainable without the need of incentives? Stelios Psomas is the Greece's main PV expert and one of the architects of the Greek feed-in tariff system. Combined with investment subsidies, the financially attractive figures caused huge numbers of project applications over the last half year, totalling over 1 GW, or half the size of the world market in 2006. But, how much will actually get built and will Greece really be a major market in the coming years? Finally, Spain, Italy and South Korea seem to be on the highway for fast market growth already. What can be expected for their market growth until 2010? And: can these world major markets easily consume all the new (announced) expansions for PV module production or will there be signs of an industry heading towards overcapacity? This interactive symposium is set up to provide answers to these crucial questions.

Not only the speakers in this event will make a contribution to the discussions about the global PV market demand. Almost all the registered participants are experts as well. That is why this exclusive networking symposium will be interactive and make use of all the knowledge and experience available in the room.

The organisation of this event is in the hands of SolarPlaza.com, the global PV marketplace for trade and information. The venue of this closed meeting will be the hotel Nhow Milano. Registration is possible through the website www.solarplaza.com.The fee for participation is € 695, including the interactive lunch discussion session, an informal drink, the contact data of all attendees and copies of all presentations.

More information can be found on the global PV market place www.solarplaza.com, providing (free) information and matchmaking services. SolarPlaza has previously organized 7 international PV trade missions to Spain, China, Italy, Greece and California.

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