Industry Professionals Invited to Attend Global Energy Efficiency Forum

Representatives from all enegy end-use sectors are encouraged to register for the Energy Efficiency Global Forum and Exposition (EE Global) - a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive energy-efficiency forum taking place in Washington, D.C., Nov 11-14.

Washington D.C., Oct. 1, 2007 - With just six weeks before the Energy Efficiency Global Forum and Exposition (EE Global) - a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive energy-efficiency forum taking place in Washington, D.C. - representatives from all end-use sectors are encouraged to register so they can exchange the latest technical, commercial, and policy information, and also forge partnerships and develop "best practices," policies, and strategies for global implementation.

EE Global, hosted by the Alliance to Save Energy, will provide information on how energy efficiency can have a positive impact all segments of the economy, including the built environment, electricity generation, industrial processes, consumer products, transportation, and more. Highlights of the event, being held Nov. 11-14 at the Washington D.C. Convention Center, include:

Four plenary sessions with keynote addresses from high-level international speakers.
A groundbreaking curriculum featuring 36 Executive Dialogue Sessions with 200 executive-level speakers addressing policy, power generation, market drivers, buildings, transportation, industry, and finance.
A comprehensive exposition with about 60 confirmed exhibitors: international appliance and product manufacturers, government agencies, utilities, associations, national laboratories, and more.
Whether industry professionals deal with energy policy, appliances, new or renovated buildings/homes, computers and data centers, the finance arena or nearly any other area impacted by energy use, there's a conference session to address the issue. The EE Global Executive Dialogue Sessions include:

Government Policy:

Pushing the Envelope: Incentives and Mandates
Incorporating Energy Efficiency in Carbon Control Policies
Global Approaches to Sustainable Transportation
Governments: Leading By Example and Regulation
Creating Livable Cities: Energy Efficiency Holds a Key
Delivering Energy Efficiency Through State and Regional Leadership
Power Generation:

Smart Metering: Prices to Devices
Fueling the Future from Coal to Renewables: Making Current Generation Feedstocks More Efficient
Driving EE in the Utility Industry - Do We Need a New Regulatory Compact?
Strategies for Meeting Energy Demand in a Carbon Constrained World
Divergent EE Investment Strategies: Carbon Credits, White Tags and/or Technology Deployment
Reducing Demand for More Power: An Executive Perspective on Achieving Energy Efficiency Through New and Improved End-Use Technologies
Market Drivers and End-Use:

Unleashing the Power of the Global Consumer
Driving Energy Efficiency Through Appliance Standards & Labeling
Partnering for Success: How Public-Private Partnerships are Achieving World-Wide Efficiency Gains
Why Wait for Government? Propelling Efficiency through NGOs and Institutions
Managing Megatrends: Meeting Energy Demand in Exploding Markets
Harnessing the Power of the Public Purse

Energy Efficiency: The Cornerstone for Creating Carbon Neutral Buildings
Building & Renovating Better - Going Green and Saving $$
Best Building Energy Efficiency Performance: Moving Beyond Codes
Levers for Promoting Energy Efficiency in New Home Construction
New Approaches to Environmentally Conscious Building Envelope Design and Technologies
Bringing Old Homes & Buildings into the 21st Century

Best Practices: Competing in a Carbon-Constrained World
Making More Money: Using Energy Efficiency to Better the Bottom Line
Implementing EE in the Fast-Growing World of Computers & Data Centers

From Here to There: Moving People and Goods Efficiently
Driving Efficiency Through Public Transportation: Models of Innovation and Success
Ensuring Sustainable Mobility: 21st Century Clean Transportation Fuels & Technologies

ESCO Business: The Investment Model Embraced Around the World
Commercial & Investment Banks: The Real Solution to Energy Efficiency Finance
Rate Payers and Governments: Investment Models for Success
Clean Energy "Funds": Innovative Investments Accelerating Energy Efficiency
Development Banks: Their Role in Promoting & Supporting Energy Efficiency
Protocols and Structures: The Key to Sustainable Energy Efficiency
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The Alliance to Save Energy is a coalition of prominent business, government, environmental, and consumer leaders who promote the efficient and clean use of energy worldwide to benefit consumers, the environment, economy, and national security.

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