EnerWorks, Inc. to provide solar technology for Toronto Hospital for Sick Children

EnerWorks, Inc. has been selected to supply a solar thermal system to Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) for the purpose of preheating the Hospital's hot water supply.

Through a competitive bid process, EnerWorks' closed loop system was chosen based on both the energy output of the system and its ability to be configured to a unique site with many operating and space constraints. EnerWorks' full turnkey solution for solar water heating will provide the SickKids with a targeted solar fraction of 9% through the use of 92 solar collectors and ancillary equipment. This solar fraction is the percentage of hot water energy requirements that can be met by EnerWorks' solar water heating appliances while reducing the Hospital's reliance on non-renewable fossil fuel.

"Mondial is pleased to welcome EnerWorks as a supplier to build a solar thermal panel installation for our customer, the Hospital for Sick Children", said Alex Winch, President, Mondial Energy Inc.

The EnerWorks appliance will complement the existing EnWave System that the Hospital uses for HVAC and steam supply. By combining the EnerWorks system with EnWave, the Hospital will optimize its energy usage and control energy consumption. This will reduce operational costs, future energy costs and risk, and allow long-term forecasting, budgeting and efficient energy management. Environmentally, the system will decrease the Hospital's green house gas emissions by 62.7 metric tons per year.

The EnerWorks system is planned for installation in late September.

"We have focused our design on achieving a high level of energy output, with minimal maintenance over a very long operating life. The installation has its unique challenges; however, I am extremely confident in the installation team, the system design and its components, and look forward to the commissioning date," says Graham Smith, EnerWorks' VP Commercial and Industrial Unit.

The SickKids Project has applied for incentives provided through the Natural Resources Canada's ecoEnergy for Renewable Heat federal program funding, federal tax incentives and the ecoAction provincial commercial funding and rebates. These rebates and incentives combine to make solar water heating even more economically feasible and to provide solar hot water at a competitive energy rate.

EnerWorks, the Project Developer and Project Management lead, is working in partnership with Tak Engineering for Structural Design, Takric Engineering for Mechanical Design and Mondial as a Finance Partner. The installation team is currently being finalized.

About EnerWorks:

EnerWorks is North America's leading solar thermal technology provider in the commercialization and distribution of the most cost effective and highest quality renewable energy solutions to the North American commercial market. Clean, intelligent, solar energy.

Graham Smith
VP, Commercial & Industrial Business Unit
P: 519-268-6500
F: 519-268-6292

About Partner(s)

About Mondial Energy Inc.
Mondial Energy pays for solar thermal systems on commercial-scale customer roofs, and sells the metered heat to the building. They currently have built sites in Toronto, including the largest and second largest solar panel sites in Toronto by power generated, and are in construction of several more.

Ian Sinclair
Mondial Energy Inc.
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About Tak Engineering
Tak Engineering has diverse expertise in the areas of site development, building layout and structural design. Their work reflects extensive experience and dedication specifically in residential, commercial, and industrial design.

Tom Zeniuk
Tak Engineering
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About Takric Engineering
Takric Engineering Ltd. is a licensed consulting engineering company active in the building services industry within Oakville and, especially, Toronto and the surrounding area. Takric's specialty involves mechanical and electrical system design and construction management for various types of buildings. Takric has been involved in the design of energy conservation, renewable energy and sustainable building design for many years. As a consulting engineering firm and a citizen of the earth, Takric is committed to offering excellent engineering services and environmental awareness in their designs.

Contact :
Tak-Man Lau, P.Eng. or Rick Ng, C.E.T.
Takric Engineering Ltd.
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e-mail: info@takric.com

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