KACO Solar, Inc. Announces Zero Emissions Manufacturing

International PV inverter manufacturer KACO confirms dedication to reducing use of fossil fuels

KACO has for a long while been stressing the importance of high quality manufacturing processes in the production of our inverters. Now we want to showcase the tireless dedication of our German management and owner to the principles of carbon reduction and sustainable manufacturing techniques. KACO has been a leader in the PV inverter field for many years and as an industry leader has found it necessary to provide guidance to other manufacturers that have not yet realized that in the business of solar "it's not just about what you do - but how you do it", according to KACO President Ralf Hoffman. KACO Gerätetechnik in Neckarsulm Germany is the headquarters of the KACO international operations web.

KACO has redesigned all of the manufacturing facilities to ensure proper implementation of sustainably oriented manufacturing principles. All manufacturing takes place in Germany, where we have direct control over the environmental impact of our operations. The president of KACO has commented that it is of utmost importance to him and to the company that KACO provide clean energy producing products made from clean energy.

The employees at KACO in Germany are encouraged to ride public transportation whenever possible and are given free train tickets for personal use if they ride public transportation on business trips. The group has been given a fleet of bicycles and small electric cars to travel between our three separate facilities, located within the same town. Tree planting days near the factories are common place to help capture local CO2 emissions. Components for the inverters are sourced from the most environmentally ethical of business partners. KACO insists on using PV and a combined heat and power facility to provide the warm water and the electricity they consume. KACO uses no fossil fuel or nuclear generated energy to make their inverters. The onsite PV systems now generate over 350,000 kWh of electricity annually. The facilities use on average near 300,000 kWh annually. This has made KACO one of the few manufacturers on the planet that can rightly claim a net zero carbon footprint for their business operations.

KACO US operates out of a "green" office in the Presidio area of San Francisco. Sustainable building operations are ensured by building managers at the Thoreau Center for Sustainability. "The KACO US staff are doing everything possible to ensure the KACO carbon footprint is as small as possible" says Marketing Specialist Clinton Porter; "We ride our bikes to work, among other low carbon lifestyle decisions and make every effort possible to personally increase awareness within and outside the company about our goal of reducing fossil fuels from the manufacturing process." From making sure that continuous internal office electrical loads are reduced to as close to zero as possible, printing with "green" printers that use recycled paper, to finding marketing gifts that are sustainably manufactured; KACO does everything in its power to show the PV industry that in manufacturing it's truly "not just about what you do - but how you do it".

To learn more about KACO's dedication to zero emissions manufacturing principles simply visit www.kacosolar.com/zeroemissions.shtml.

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