Global Electric Motorcars reveals Special Edition GEM

Today at the LA Auto Show, the Special Edition GEM e4 and e2 were revealed as a part of Chrysler's environmental vision for the future.

Today at the LA Auto Show, the Special Edition GEM e4 and e2 were revealed as a part of Chrysler's environmental vision for the future. Long before the popularity of hybrids, Chrysler became the first major automaker to offer vehicles in the zero-tailpipe emission, low-speed vehicle class. As GEM enters its tenth anniversary year, more than 35,000 GEM cars have been manufactured and distributed worldwide driving a combined 200 million tailpipe emission-free miles.

"Every model year marks new improvements," says Larry Oswald, GEM Chief Executive Officer and Director of Chrysler's GEM and Electric Vehicle Product Team, "but when you're the first in your industry to reach ten years, it should be special." Over the years, the GEM car has evolved significantly in fit, finish, and performance with the benefits of technology innovations and auto-industry expertise made possible through their relationship as a Chrysler company.

When you're manufacturing the most popular neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) in the industry, where do you go when you reach your tenth anniversary?

You refine it. You start by offering a higher output electric-drive package with more aggressive regenerative braking to provide more power offering improved performance especially when driving on hilly terrains. You add premium, UltraleatherTM two-toned seats, an advanced four-spoke, leather-grain steering wheel, infinite-position tilt steering, and deluxe carpeted floor mats. These, together, bring the GEM driving experience to an all-new level.

When the spotlight at the LA Auto Show hit the GEM Special Editions and the custom Glacier Blue metallic color with the new chrome headlight bezels, chrome front and rear bumpers, chrome emblems and other smartly placed chrome accents sparkling, there was no doubt that these GEMs were designed to be show-stoppers. But, then again, standing out in a crowd hasn't been a problem for GEM. Its trademark egg shape, mini-van driving height, and open, spacious styling, have been turning heads for ten years.

"This is a remarkable milestone for GEM. We're the first NEV company to reach ten years in the industry," says Oswald. "We wanted to mark this model year with a new touch of class and to commemorate the achievement with something out of the ordinary." The Special Edition packaging is available on the GEM e2, e4, and e6 for a limited time. Orders are now being accepted at dealerships with production to begin on January 2, 2008.

The Special Edition Package is all class. So to wrap up their announcement, GEM and Chrysler went one step further by introducing the Ten-for-Ten Free Energy Tribute. Promoting ten years of free energy is a bit out the ordinary for a tribute to ten years of clean, electric GEM driving. The promotion awards ten winners each ten years of free electricity to operate their GEM cars. Complete registration and drawing details are posted at

"We're being asked about our statement for this tenth anniversary," says Oswald. "Packaging up our message in a truly unique product like the Special Edition vehicles and offering this Ten-for-Ten Free Energy Tribute speaks for itself."


About Global Electric Motorcars:

A Chrysler company, Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) has manufactured and distributed over 35,000 neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) worldwide that are being used in master planned communities, university and corporate campuses, and local, state and national government agencies.

GEM was recently recognized by WestStart-CALSTART with the prestigious 2007 Blue Sky Merit Award for its positive impact on air quality in the state of California, where nearly 14,000 GEM vehicles are on the road.

Global Electric Motorcars has been producing the street-legal NEVs for 10 years. GEM vehicles have many of the same safety features of regular cars (such as three-point seat belts, automotive safety glass, and lights), but are much more economical in price and fuel consumption. Global Electric Motorcars was the first to offer a multipurpose NEV for sale from a major automaker. Today, the company produces six fully electric vehicle models ranging from two-seaters to six-seaters to utility models.

GEM vehicles have driven a combined 200 million miles and spared 150 tons of tailpipe pollutants from reaching the air, while saving nearly 10 million gallons of gasoline. GEM vehicles are eligible for incentives and tax credits from clean-air districts and other governmental agencies. For more information, to build your own GEM, or to locate a dealer, visit

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