EnerWorks to showcase new products at CanSIA Solar Conference

EnerWorks will be bringing 2 new products to the Canadian market in the spring of 2008: a space-saving single tank residential water heating solution, and a wireless remote thermal energy monitor. These new innovations will be showcased at the CanSIA Solar Conference 2007 show in Toronto, Ontario.

Developed for use with specially-designed solar storage tanks, the Space-Saver' solar + electric single tank option offers a space-saving alternative to two storage tank systems. With these one-element tanks, only the water in the top portion of the tank is heated by the element, serving as an auxiliary source of hot water, while the solar-heated water in the bottom of the tank meets primary demand.

"We're thrilled to be bringing this innovative technology to the residential marketplace," says EnerWorks' CEO Ken Arnold. "Even where floor space is at a premium, homeowners are now able to meet 50% to 80% of their annual hot water needs through solar energy, saving money on their utility bills and reducing their green house gas emissions."

In this system, one or two solar collector panels, which resemble skylights, are mounted on the roof, outbuilding or south-facing wall. Freeze-protected heat transfer fluid flows through these collector panels and is heated by the sun. A low-flow, high-temperature pump in the energy pack attached to the storage tank then slowly draws the heat transfer fluid from the collector panels, maximizing water heating efficiency. The water is circulated through natural convection rather than by an additional pump: the coldest water is drawn from the tank, heated in the heat exchanger through transfer from the solar-heated heat transfer fluid, and passed through a thermosiphon loop back into the tank, providing a constant supply of hot water to meet household needs.

The patented back flush valve on the upper manifold cleans the heat exchanger every time hot water is drawn, ensuring that no mineral build-up occurs, and that maximum efficiency is maintained with only minimal maintenance. As with other EnerWorks solar water heating appliances, the Space-Saver' comes in a complete, self-contained, pre-engineered design, packaged with safety and ease of installation in mind.

The other innovation from EnerWorks is the wireless thermal energy monitor. This remote display monitor works hand-in-hand with the residential controller, a device that optimizes, controls and monitors the residential solar water heating appliance. The controller is mounted on the energy pack, which is attached to the solar storage water tank, most likely residing in the homeowner's utility room. With the new technology being introduced in the wireless remote display, homeowners will be able to monitor system performance from anywhere in or around the house without the need to visit their utility rooms.

"By communicating directly with the controller, the remote thermal energy monitor displays the amount of energy being produced by the system," says Arnold. "At the touch of a button, the homeowner can scroll through a variety of output displays and is able to translate the energy produced into dollar savings based on the price of the auxiliary fuel being replaced by solar energy."

The thermal energy monitor also calculates and displays the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions resulting from displacing traditional fuel sources.

The thermal energy monitor can be used as a portable, hand-held device, or can be wall-mounted for convenient reference.

"We see it as a real conversation piece," says Arnold, "as forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious homeowners demonstrate to their friends and neighbours both the economic and environmental benefits of solar hot water."

About EnerWorks:
EnerWorks, Inc. is North America's leading solar thermal technology provider. With proven, patented technology and certified systems, EnerWorks offers high quality, reliable and cost effective renewable energy solutions to the North American market.

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