Fortech Energy Launches CAISO MRTU Plug-ins for the Power Industry

Fortech Energy Launches CAISO MRTU Plug-ins for the Power Industry

TEMPE, AZ -- Fortech Software Consulting, Inc. announced the launching of its CAISO MRTU Plug-Ins that would provide a cost-effective MRTU complaint conduit between internal systems and CAISO. These Application Program Interface (API) solutions are intended to provide a secure way to capture incoming data from multiple CAISO web applications based on client needs.

According to Bhasker Rao, Ph.D., C.E.O of Fortech Software Consulting Inc., of Tempe AZ, "Data Acquisition from multiple applications &Settlements with California ISO has become a daunting challenge for all participants. Market participants are facing immense difficulties due to the involvement of multiple parties & handoffs, complex calculations, validation, settlements processes, MRTU compliance, multiple plug-ins & interfaces to download data ( from ISO applications). In order to produce "Settlement Quality" Meter data & streamline Data Acquisition processes market participants must have internal systems to collect data seamlessly from multiple ISO applications and systems that produce meter/price data that is accurate, correct, complete and presentable in a timely manner. Fortech's MRTU Interface Solutions (MIS) provide clients easy to use Web based and integrated software that can improve the accuracy & efficiency of the complex CAISO Data Acquisition & Settlement processes while eliminating costly penalties and extreme challenges. These interfaces and plug-ins can easily be integrated with existing systems of the clients thus ensuring lower investment, shorter development cycle and greater ROI."

What do these API's do?
• Data Acquisition from CAISO web applications
• Imports data in downloaded XML files into relational database tables
• Meter Reader for collecting, validating& processing data files from MDMAS and other entities
• DLF Parser extracts, stores & processes data to/from defined websites/databases.
• Meter Settlements helps to submit aggregated meter data to CAISO/UDC. Aggregated data is written to a MDEF, CSV or other formats
• Settlement Acknowledgement processes settlement acknowledgement files received from ISO. Also performs additional verification from 3rd party sites (such as OMAR)
• Change Request automates change request based on calculated deviations. It also generates change request forms to be submitted to ISO
• User defined Reports and Audit Log
• Alerts and Messaging Ability to send alerts/messages based on events to predefined users

About Fortech Software:

Fortech Inc. has several products that address the needs of the Electric Utility & Water Industry and has developed and implemented several custom software solutions. Fortech's Services and Solutions for the utility industry utilize a combination of several leading-edge technologies and experience. In addition to its standard products, the company also provides Power Scheduling and Curtailment Services, Custom Application Development, IT consulting and Systems Integration Services.

Fortech has its corporate office in Tempe, AZ and sales offices in Larkspur, CO and Irvine, CA. It also has a state of the art development and R&D Center in Hyderabad & Kolkata, India.

For more information, visit or for a Demo please contact: Roger Das, Fortech Software Consulting Inc. 4801 S. Lakeshore Dr, #203, Tempe, AZ 85282, Phone: (480) 626-5049 , e-mail :

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