EnerWorks Officially Launches Commercial and Industrial Division

Since the acquisition of Blue Peter Project Group in 2007, EnerWorks has been involved with an increasing number of commercial and industrial applications of its solar thermal technology. EnerWorks has now formally launched its Commercial and Industrial Division and opened a dedicated office.

Since the acquisition of Blue Peter Project Group (BPPG) in 2007, EnerWorks has been involved with an increasing number of commercial and industrial applications of its solar thermal technology. With several high profile installations currently underway, EnerWorks has now formally launched its Commercial and Industrial Division and opened a dedicated office. Working together with design and installation partners, the Division facilitates turnkey solar thermal solutions for commercial and industrial projects - EnerWorks provides the innovative, high quality products and systems, together with the required technical support, and its distributors and project partners install, commission and maintain the systems.

The business unit complements EnerWorks Residential Division and is led by Graham Smith, VP and General Manager, Commercial & Industrial. Smith was the founder and owner of BPPG and joined EnerWorks when his company was acquired in August, bringing many years of international experience in the engineering, contracting and project management sectors. He has assembled an elite team to support the growth in commercial and industrial projects, while also bringing on a number of key distributors and project partners.

As Project Coordinator, Patti Turnbull provides support to the Division, its customers and partners, assisting in scheduling, pricing, and implementation of the Division's strategies, applying her MBA in Strategy and International Business as well as many years of experience in product development and consulting on business process improvement.

Wilfred Laman, P.Eng., Regional Manager, Central and Eastern Canada, is a key point of contact for architects, consulting engineers, project partners and customers, guiding them through a project including site evaluation, design and the complete sales process. Laman has been involved in the HVAC industry throughout his career, having served as an ASHRAE member in various capacities at the local chapter and regional levels, and presently sits as a member of the Board of ASHRAE. Laman brings years of experience in the HVAC and related industry sectors to his role, assisting his clients with innovative applications of solar thermal technology.

Providing technical and installation support is the most recent member to join the team, Technical Director Lucio Mesquita, PhD. Besides his support in both theoretical and operational solar thermal technology, Mesquita will be putting his 16 years of experience in the solar thermal industry to good use, contributing to EnerWorks' ongoing innovation, research and development in a variety of fields including solar cooling, his area of specialty, and the integration of solar with other sustainable energy technologies.

Since BPPG's acquisition, the Commercial and Industrial Division has provided solar water heating solutions to a wide range of organizations. Installations are at various stages of completion at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, William Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois, Les Jardins Lebourgneuf retirement home in Quebec City, Quebec, Green Phoenix's Phoenix Place affordable condominiums in Toronto, Ontario, and Confederation Inn in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, among others. The Division is currently working with project partners and distributors across North America on many other opportunities.

"Our success in these ventures has been due to EnerWorks' high quality, reliable products, and our comprehensive systems approach designed around an operating life of 25+ years," says Smith. "It is through our appliance methodology, providing complete, integrated units rather than a variety of components, that we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. This integration simplifies installation and maintenance, provides a high level of consistency and quality assurance, and enables ongoing program innovations."

EnerWorks works with partners such as top tier engineering, architectural, contracting and design/build firms, as well as distributors throughout North America, to maximize the economic and environmental benefits of their solar thermal installations. One of the Division's growth strategies is the development of relationships with new partners and the associated education of their personnel on the best practices of solar thermal design, installation and integration.

"Through the Commercial & Industrial Division and our field sales team," says Smith, "we're dedicated to providing an unprecedented level of support to our distributors, customers and project partners. We are focused on educating our customers, engineers, architects and consultants so that bringing a project from concept to reality is as quick and painless as possible."

"Innovation is paramount at EnerWorks," says Smith. "With the depth of our internal expertise in solar technologies not just for heating, but now for cooling as well, we are working to provide reliable, long-term solutions. We are continuously researching and developing new technologies as we strive to enhance even further the quality, reliability and efficiency of our solar thermal appliances as well their integration with other sustainable technologies. Ultimately, we want to reduce their installed cost by making our systems even easier to include in the design of a project and to install and maintain."

Independent testing shows that EnerWorks' collector is the premier flat plate product available, but the collector is only part of the system. EnerWorks integrated Solar Energy Unit (SEU) is indicative of EnerWorks' innovative capability and has been instrumental to the Commercial and Industrial Division's recent successes. The SEU was the winner of the Temple W. Harris Innovative Product and Technology award (TIPTA) in 2007 for its unique integration of the key mechanical and control components of a solar thermal system into one compact housing. This integration eliminates the need to source and assemble components from a variety of suppliers, and provides a predictable performance and associated maintenance program.

Further innovations in the racking required for mounting of the roof-top solar collectors facilitate installations where time and space are at a premium. The first of two new designs uses the solar collectors' own structural integrity to hold the panels in place at an adjusted slope in either a wall or roof mount, maximizing flexibility in the installation. The second design will be used in the installation at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, scheduled for this spring. Two levels of collectors will be pre-assembled onto a fold out racking frame, ready to be crane lifted to the Hospital's roof and folded out in place, maximizing the ease and speed of the installation and minimizing disruption. Both of these racking designs provide significant economic savings and the flexibility to adapt to different latitudes and climatic conditions.

"We have all the pieces together," says Smith. "Proven products, ongoing innovation and a stellar team. We're set to work with new and existing distributors and partners to bring the benefits of solar thermal technology to a vast array of projects."

About EnerWorks:
EnerWorks Inc. is North America's leading solar thermal technology provider. With proven, patented technology and certified systems, EnerWorks offers high quality, reliable and cost effective renewable energy solutions to the North American market.

Graham Smith
VP and General Manager, Commercial and Industrial Division
P: 905-282-9898

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