OWI Turns The California Charter Schools Conference Green with Educational Solar Powered RobotiKits

Educational, solar-powered OWI® Solar Robotic kits, robotic arm and bugs.

Also Featuring a Sneak Peek of New Infrared, Wireless Classroom Audio System That Makes Every Seat, Hear Every Word

Carson, Calif.March 3, 2008 -- OWI Inc. is celebrating 30 years of success in 2008 as a world leader in advanced audio systems. The company announced today that it will be exhibiting at the 13th Annual California Charter Schools Conference on March 4-7, 2008 at the Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento, Calif. Attendees are welcome to visit the OWI Booth # 0520 to see the educational, solar-powered OWI® Solar Robotic kits, robotic arm and bugs. The OWI infrared, wireless classroom audio systems and other audio enhancement products will be on display as well.

"Our RobotiKit', science, and mini solar kit line are fun products that teach the basics of robotics, electronics, and alternative energy principles. The kits provide a fun project of creating a solar powered race car, hopping frog, frightened grasshopper or more. Fun friendly characters and a better understanding of solar power make these kits the ultimate science project," remarked Craig Morioka, President of Owikit®.

OWI will also offer attendees a sneak peek of its state-of-the-art wireless infra-red classroom system. The system includes 2 or 4 in-ceiling speakers to enhance hearing for students located anywhere in the classroom. The wall-mounted system can control two infrared wireless microphones at the same time. It also provides a locking storage box for safe storage of the unit and microphones.

"Over 30 years of audio experience led to the development of the CRS-101 system. Recent studies prove students learn better when they can easily and consistently hear the teacher. Our CRS-101 infrared, wireless system can be easily customized to fit any room configuration," said Joseph Martinez, Vice President of OWI Inc.

RobotiKits target kids 8 and older and are priced from $11.95 to $17.95. The kits are available in a series of different forms, including Frightened Grasshopper, Peppy Orangutan, Attacking Inchworm, Aerial Cable Car, Sonic F1 [racecar], Flapping Sea Gull, and a Valiant Viking Ship. The kits are available for purchase nationwide at a variety of popular educational, toy or hobby stores or online at http://www.robotikitsdirect.com.

The OWI CRS-101 Infrared, Wireless Classroom Audio System and other OWI brand audio enhancement products are available through authorized OWI dealers nationwide. Please visit www.owi-inc.com for more information.

About OWI

OWI Incorporated was established in September 1978 as a loudspeaker manufacturer. The company has expanded its product offering to include sophisticated audio equipment for crystal clear presentations and classroom listening. OWI continues to pioneer new technologies for outdoor/indoor, weatherized and weatherproof loudspeakers and is currently expanding into commercial and the industrial market applications.

The company is a global leader for its rock and landscape garden speaker collections, rock subwoofers, surface mounted in-ceiling or in-wall speakers, paging and music speakers, shower speakers, etc. Through internal research and development efforts, OWI developed many breakthrough products i.e., Self-Amplified In-ceiling Speakers, 70 Volt In-wall Amps, plus Control Center and Media Center applications. OWI continues its research to make installations easier and is renown for its excellent contractor and customer support.



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