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Driving Green; Our First Green Family Car- the Honda Fit, Rated as one of Greenest Vehicles of 2008 by American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

April 9, 2008 - Delta, B.C. - Welcome to this week's edition of Driving Green at ,with Host Dawn Van Zant

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Well, we did it - we made a family decision and now have a white Honda Fit in the driveway, proudly driven my 21year old daughter. HONDA MOTOR CO ADR (NYSE: HMC) got it right when they created the Fit for young hip drivers that want to go green but have a fun driving experience and a car that looks as great as it drives. I am almost envious of the new generation of drivers and the choices they have in front of them out of the shoot. They don't need to be forced, groomed or educated to make the right choice - it's easy and affordable to do the right thing.

According to market trends, "The small, fuel-efficient car rose to prominence this year amid an overall decline in auto sales." "The compact car segment experienced a 33% rise in sales in 2007, as cars such as the Chevrolet Aveo, Honda Fit, Smart Fortwo and Toyota Yaris surged in popularity. This trend is likely to continue into the future, with some experts predicting that sales of small cars will increase even further in the next few years."

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy Green car info: scores and ranks cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs according to environmental friendliness. At the site you can learn which vehicles are this year's "greenest" and how to shop for a green vehicle.

Greener Choices 2008
A Selection of Gasoline Vehicles that Score Well

Make and Model Specifications Emission Standarda MPG:
City MPG: Hwy Green Score
TOYOTA PRIUS 1.5L 4, auto CVT Tier 2 bin 3 / PZEV 48 45 53
HONDA CIVIC HYBRID 1.3L 4, auto CVT Tier 2 bin 2 / PZEV 40 45 51
SMART FORTWO CONVERTIBLE/COUPE 1.0L 3, auto stk [P] Tier 2 bin 5 / ULEV II 33 41 49
HONDA FIT 1.5L 4, auto Tier 2 bin 5 / LEV II 27 34 43
FORD ESCAPE HYBRID 2.3L 4, auto CVT Tier 2 bin 3 / PZEV 34 30 42
HYUNDAI SONATA 2.4L 4, auto Tier 2 bin 5 / ULEV II 21 30 39
2.5L 4, auto stk 4wd Tier 2 bin 5 / PZEV 20 26 37
NISSAN ROGUE 2.5L 4, auto Tier 2 bin 5 / LEV II 22 27 37
TOYOTA TACOMA 2.7L 4, auto Tier 2 bin 5 / LEV II 19 25 34
TOYOTA SIENNA 3.5L 6, auto Tier 2 bin 5 / ULEV II 17 23 33
6.0L 8, auto Tier 2 bin 5 / LEV II 21 22 28
NISSAN FRONTIER 4.0L 6, auto 4wd Tier 2 bin 5 / ULEV II 14 19 27
[P] denotes premium gasoline.
"auto CVT" denotes continuously variable automatic transmission.
"auto stk" denotes manually adjustable automatic transmission.
A listing with two emission standards (e.g., Tier 2 bin 3 / PZEV) denotes a single vehicle carrying both a federal and California emission certification. Green Scores for such listings reflect the cleaner of the two certifications.

To research our full list of Green Automotive Stocks - visit our stock directory at
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I welcome ideas, suggestions and feedback as we travel together on the green highway.

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