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The innovative, simple-to-install RainReserve greatly eases the use of rain barrels for rainwater collection. It simply attaches to your downspout and diverts rainwater from your gutter system into the rain barrel.

The innovative, simple-to-install RainReserve^ TM greatly eases the use of rain barrels for rainwater collection. One of the first problems encountered with catching rainwater is how to keep the water clean. This is especially a problem for rain barrels which have hose spigots attached at the bottom of the barrel. Any debris entering the system will quickly settle and clog the outlet valve; thus, requiring constant cleaning.

The RainReserve aims to solve this simple, but daunting problem. It attaches to your downspout and diverts rainwater from your gutter system into the rain barrel while allowing leaves and other large debris to pass through the diverter and out the downspout. The result is clean, naturally soft rainwater available and ready whenever you need it to water gardens and lawns, trees and houseplants.

Omar Galal, the President and Design Engineer of Enginuity and by training an engineer, became interested in rainwater harvesting and noticed there was no easy way to provide only clean water to rain barrels. Galal, working with Sustain Dane, a water conservation organization in Wisconsin, decided this was a problem they could solve: the result is the RainReserve.

According to Omar, "I really, really believe in rain collection and think it can be a huge market that will have a positive environmental impact; however, it needs new solutions to make rainwater harvesting easier to install and maintain."

The RainReserve provides:

* A simple way to cut your water bill by capturing clear, rainwater
right near where it is needed
* A complete out of the box installation kit that installs in minutes
* Works with existing and new rain barrels and both 2"x3" or 3"x4"
* An expandable system, allowing daisy chaining and parallel filling
of rainbarrels
* Assists in reducing mosquitoes, decreasing maintenance, decreased
time required for winterizing barrels and an easy way to manage
water overflow
* Available in both a single and double downspout sizes

Pricing for a single RainRerve start at $79. Plus, the RainReserve is manufactured in the USA, creating jobs and proving that innovative, cost-effective products can still be made in the US.

Paul Dearlove of Madison, Wisconsin bought and installed a RainReserve by himself in about 30 minutes. Madison gets about 30 inches of rain a year and has an active water conservation program. Paul is an avid conservationist and gardener and has been promoting and educating others about the benefits of rain barrels as part of the Lake Ripley Management District for 3 years. He did not like how mosquitoes could get into the open barrels or how they overflowed during heavy rainfalls. The RainReserve solves both of these problems. "It is easy to install, requires little to no maintenance, and helps keep the rainwater clean." He recommends it every chance he gets.

The RainReserve simplifies the conservation of both energy resources and precious water by lessening the need for drinking water from reservoirs and groundwater aquifers to water outdoor plants, decreasing the amount of storm water runoff and pollutants like fertilizers and oils from reaching lakes and river ways, and utilizing water the has not be hauled to a central processes water treatment to facility to add chemicals, and lastly it is free of fluoride, chlorine and other additives so it is healthier for plants.

Rainwater harvesting has been in use for thousands of years; now new devices like the RainReserve are making it even easier than ever to start catching clean, fresh rain.

About Enginuity - Enginuity, LLC is the result-driven engineering company to bring your product from the beginning stages of inception to a national or even global market. Enginuity offers professionals in varied engineering disciplines that will provide turnkey services for a myriad of industries, including but not limited to marine, industrial, medical, automotive, electronics, semi-conductor, water purification and food science. Distributors and retailers interested in finding out more about the RainReserve should call 417-668-5968. Enginuity was founded in 2006 and is located in Hartville, MO with partners all over the USA. -

About Sustain Dane - Sustain Dane is a non-profit organization, based in Madison, Wisconsin, committed to creating communities that deeply enjoy, care for and are sustained by their unique environment. Found in 1998, when over 80 community members participated in a half-day session with Torbjorn Lahti, the father of the Swedish eco-municipality movement. This group inspired by what they heard and what they knew to be possible, the group established Sustain Dane. Sustain Dane has co-sponsored events and collaborated with over 50 local, national and international organizations. -

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