HVAC Industry Participates in Ecobuild Conference

Everyone is talking about raising fuel prices. In order to address the issues of energy, members of the HVACR industry participated in the annual Ecobuild conference.

May 19-22 members of the HVACR industry: ASHRAE, HVAC Excellence, Legend Valve, HVAC Excellence, Ferris State University, Fieldpiece Instruments, the Green Mechanical Council, the United Association, Walter Furnace, to name a few, participated in the Ecobuild conference.

Ecobuild is an annual event that goes beyond green to cover the breadth of green building, sustainable design, renewable energy, environmental planning processes and information collaboration strategies for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential construction.

Attendees include the federal government (E.P.A., Dept of Energy, Dept. of Commerce, etc.), design and construction decision-makers from the public sector and private practice, AEC professionals, owners, developers, and facility managers - the entire project team in one place, at one time.

The Ecobuild conference covers: Sustainable and environmental design, Energy efficiency and renewable resources, Green building practices, Built Environment product and service innovations, Best practices and expert strategies, Opportunities to expand your offerings to government projects & all under one roof. http://www.ecobuildamerica.com/

Keynote speaker Dr. Drew Bond - Senior Advisor for the U.S. Department of Energy discussed what and where the Department of Energy/Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (DOE/EERE) is budgeting and spending for the development and growth of green building, energy efficiency, and renewable energy for our build environment. Dr. Bond explained how that affects a companies projects and how to best work with these DOE initiatives.

The Ecobuild conference features specialty pavilions for various sectors of industry. The HVACR industry was well represented by the Green Mechanical Council Pavilion. The Pavilion showcased mechanical systems products and services designed to save energy and reduce emissions.

Classes were conducted and sponsored by the United Association, Legend Valve, COSA, Fieldpiece Instruments, Ferris State University, and HVAC Excellence.
Attendees were welcomed by governor Schwarzenegger.

I am delighted to extend my warmest greetings to all who have gathered for your exciting conference. California leads the nation in "green" building thanks to the indispensable efforts of our state's architects, engineers, contractors and other construction professionals.

I applaud all those in attendance who have contributed to our state's tremendous successes. We have made much progress in the fields of energy conservation and the utilization of renewable energy sources, but there are many more opportunities ahead.

Each of you attending this conference bears a great responsibility for the future of our state, nation and world. Armed with innovative plans and the motivation to turn ideas into realities, you can blaze a trail of sustainability that many will follow. I am confident in your abilities and express my gratitude for your many important accomplishments.
On behalf of all Californians, please accept my best wishes for an enriching conference and every continued success.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Ecobuild conference brought together members of government agencies, utilities and various sectors of the construction industry. Working together we will create an energy efficiency revolution in America. For additional information on Ecobuild visit http://www.ecobuildamerica.com/ and photos from the conference are available at http://www.hvacexcellence.org/convention.htm

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