Solar Technology Leader Continues Double-Digit Growth, Moves to Rocklin, Calif.

ROCKLIN, Calif., June 24, 2008—SMA America, the United States division of global solar technology giant SMA Solar Technology AG, has moved its operations from Grass Valley to Rocklin, Calif. In its new 25,000-square-foot U.S. headquarters—located at 4031 Alvis Court in the Del Mar Business Park—SMA America will continue to handle domestic sales, marketing, warehousing and technical training and support.

SMA America's relocation to a larger facility mirrors the continued tremendous growth of its parent company. Last year, SMA Solar Technology AG reported record-breaking success with a 70 percent increase in sales, while its staff grew by 50 percent. SMA America's Rocklin move also went hand-in-hand with a change in leadership, as it welcomed Jurgen Krehnke as the president and general manager on April 15.

"With SMA America's steady growth—in both sales and headcount—our 15,000-square-foot Grass Valley office no longer met our needs," says Krehnke. "We chose Rocklin for the new location of our corporate headquarters because of the availability of spacious commercial buildings and the proximity to the I-80 corridor, which is important for our distribution efforts."

Efficient distribution is an important factor due to the increased demand for SMA America's wildly popular Sunny Boy line of solar inverters. The product line includes the new Sunny Boy 3000US/4000US and 5000US/6000US/7000US configurations, geared especially toward the American solar market. Worldwide, the installed base of the Sunny Boy line has topped 750,000 units, which combined are able to provide an astonishing aggregate of three billion watts (i.e., three gigawatts) of safe, perfectly clean, grid-quality power.

For commercial solar power installations, SMA America offers its dependable Sunny Central solar inverter line. The Sunny Central, which delivers the highest efficiency available for large photovoltaic power plant inverters, features integrated isolation transformers and a wide array of remote monitoring options.

SMA Solar Technology AG —which handles all of the company's product design and manufacturing efforts—also is expanding to handle the global success of its products. It recently broke ground in Germany on a new 82,000-square-foot factory, the largest inverter manufacturing plant in the world. With four gigawatts of annual production capacity, this new plant will manufacture enough inverters to yield a higher total aggregate of power in a single year than all inverters produced by SMA Solar Technology AG during its distinguished 25-year history. Construction is expected to be complete in the fall.

About SMA America, Inc.
SMA America, Inc. is a proud part of the worldwide SMA family of companies, with divisions in nine countries on four continents, boasting more than 2,000 employees and continuous double-digit growth. SMA America supports installers and small businesses in the solar industry through marketing and training assistance. Since 2000, SMA America has shown unfaltering commitment to the continued development and implementation of leading-edge products, including the most reliable and efficient solar inverters available nationwide. For more information, call (916) 625-0870 or visit www.SMA-America.com.

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