High Performance Building is Strong Focus at Ecobuild® Fall

Ecobuild® Fall and AEC-ST® Fall is the most comprehensive high performance building (HPB) conference and exhibition in the nation, hosting the leading HPB government and industry experts, co-located meetings, and sessions, December 8-11, 2008 in Washington, D.C.

CENTERVILLE, MA, August 21, 2008— Ecobuild® Fall and AEC-ST® Fall is the most comprehensive high performance building (HPB) conference and exhibition in the nation, hosting the leading HPB government and industry experts, co-located meetings, and sessions, December 8-11, 2008 in Washington, D.C. Ecobuild® America is also proud to be one of a group of industry leaders working in coordination with the High Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition (HPBCCC).

"High performance building is the future of the industry. It embodies the health, safety, and welfare of those who design, construct, own, and operate capital facilities -our entire built environment," said George Borkovich, Ecobuild Principal. "We are proud to be the gathering place for all building professionals—from architects to specifiers to engineers to end users—to gain industry knowledge, including cutting-edge information about high performance building."

Government and Industry Leaders Kevin Kampschroer, Acting Director of the Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings, created by the Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007, in the U.S. General Services Administration's (GSA) Public Buildings Service, will be one of the featured keynote speakers at FEDCon®, the National Institute for Building Sciences (NIBS) conference, co-located with Ecobuild® Fall and AEC-ST® Fall on December 9,
2008 at noon. His session will delve into the forecasts and assessment of the government
building market.

High Performance Building Sessions and Exhibitions

• Beyond GreenTM - Employing the Whole Building Design Guide to Achieve High Performance
• Developing the High Performance Building Standard
• Designing and Building High Performance Homes
• Eco-Intelligent Buildings
• The Beyond GreenTM High Performance Buildings Awards Program recognizes the initiatives that shape, inform and catalyze the high-performance building market, as well as the real-world application of high-performance design and construction practices. SBIC will showcase awardees from 2007 at Ecobuild®
Fall and AEC-ST® Fall.

Committee Meetings

• High Performance Building Council (HPBC) The Council was formed to identify all aspects of high performance buildings, including, but not limited to, standards, guidelines, rating and certification programs, stimulate innovation
within the buildings industry; reduce barriers to the deployment of high performance building technology; and promote understanding of the whole building (harmonized) performance. Membership is open to any non-profit
organization or governmental agency engaged directly or indirectly in activities
supporting this purpose.

• High Performance Building Energy- Efficiency Roundtable (HPBEER)
The roundtable provides an opportunity for professional and technical societies, trade groups, government agencies, and other interested organizations involved in "the built environment" to explore opportunities for collaboration and cooperation. This monthly Roundtable is chaired by ASHRAE (American
Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.).

• High Performance Building Congressional Caucus (HPBCC) Led by Reps.Russ Carnahan (D-Mo.) and Judy Biggert (R-Ill.) The Caucus works to inform policymakers about health, safety and welfare issues impacted by buildings. The
Caucus will also address the assessment report which was presented to Congress in June outlining recommendations for High Performance Buildings.

• High Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition (HPBCCC) The Coalition supports the Congressional Caucus. ASHRAE chairs the privatesector Coalition. It is sponsored by nearly 50 industry leaders, such as Ecobuild® America, the HPBCCC provides policy-makers with information on designing,
building, and operating sustainable buildings.

AEC-ST® participated in the meetings and sponsored the kick-off meeting on June 18,
with nearly 100 industry leaders and congressional representatives, indicating that
Congress has the support across many industries and constituencies. Kelly Cook
Marcavage, Director of Meetings, and Ann-Marie Barber, Manager of Industry Relations,
attended on behalf of Ecobuild® America.
Buildings in the United States, annually, produce 38 percent of carbon dioxide emissions
and use nearly 70 percent of electricity, according to the U.S. EPA. The most important
way to overhaul efficiency is by eliminating waste, said Bill Coad, chairman of the High
Performance Building Assessment Task Group. In an effort to build cheaply and quickly,
we create inefficiency in everything from building materials and roads, he added during a
HPBCCC meeting.

"It is exciting to be part of the group that has the ear of Congress and Ecobuild ®America
is confident that this group of industry leaders can help bring all aspects of High Performance Buildings to the forefront," says Kelly Cook Marcavage, Director of Meetings, Ecobuild® America. The Coalition met in early July to work on recommendations from Congress to provide
briefings on High Performance Buildings. Approximately 25 members of the Coalition
participated in a discussion on the best way to help Congress learn more about the
industry and what is needed to take it to the next level. A group was formed to refine the
ideas put forth at the meeting, and the Coalition will have a plan to present to the
Congressional Caucus in the near future.

An assessment report (http://www.wbdg.org/news/release_061808.php) to Congress and the U.S. Department of Energy and overseen by the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), lists the key components of a high-performance building as: energy efficiency, sustainability, accessibility, worker productivity, aesthetics, costeffectiveness,
durability, historic preservation and safety and security. High-performance buildings would "significantly exceed" existing minimum requirements of building codes and specifications.

The U.S. Congress drafted Section 914 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 to address not
just more energy efficient or "green" buildings but rather high performance buildings that
combine the objectives of reducing resource energy consumption while improving the
environmental impact, functionality, human comfort and productivity of the building. As
a result, Congress turned to NIBS, long recognized as an authoritative source of
knowledge, to provide a sense of direction for this undertaking. NIBS subsequently
formed an ad hoc High Performance Building Council consisting of representatives of
approximately 100 private sector and governmental organizations to advance this

Earle Kennett, NIBS Vice President and staff for the Council, believes that the task for the Council will be a complicated, long-term task, but one that is necessary for the dramatic improvement of energy efficiency, reducing operation and maintenance costs, and improving functionality and productivity of our nation's building stocks.


MEDIA CONTACT: Laura Edwards, 21-859-1631, laura.edwards@ecobuildamerica.com

DATES: Conference: December 8 -11, 2008 - Exhibition: December 10 -11, 2008 Colocated
with: FEDcon®, FEDspec®, and buildingSMART' alliance National Conference

LOCATION: Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.

HELD IN COOPERATION WITH: American Institute of Architects, buildingSMART alliance' - a Council of the National Institute of Building Sciences, Green Mechanical Council, Specifications Consultants in Independent Practice

CONTACT: To reserve a booth, become a sponsor or advertise 1-800-996-3863, fax: +1
(508) 790-4750, inquiry@ecobuildfall.com

Learn more about the Fall event and register to attend at:

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