"The global thin-film photovoltaics market is expected to reach $7.2 billion by 2015, compared to just over $1 billion today" NanoMarkets, "Thin Film Photovoltaics Markets: 2008 and Beyond" Report

"According to Deutsche Bank, the global photovoltaic market is worth $15 billion and is growing at a pace of 40 per cent a year. Thin film photovoltaic is growing even faster, with an annual growth rate of 100 per cent. Industry experts believe that thin film will constitute 20 per cent of the total solar market by 2010"

The Times Newspaper, London, May 2008

The statistics don't lie. After decades of waiting in the wings, the time has come for thin film to take a central role on the global solar stage. Years of crystalline technology dominance are coming to and end and thin film PV now looks set to be the star solar performer both in the US and across the world over the next decade.
It's an exciting time, but significant challenges remain in improving efficiencies and reducing costs to take the technology mainstream. Which is why Thin Film Today has developed North America's first - and only - summit dedicated exclusively to the commercialization of thin film PV. Taking place in San Francisco on December 2nd - 3rd the Thin Film Solar Summit 2008 is a unique event and full information is available on

The summit will begin with a high level opening panel of global experts with representatives from ersol Thin Film in Germany, Indian company Moser Baer as well as Schco, SCHOTT and Applied Materials from the USA. Facilitated by EuPD Research, the discussion will center on the latest market and product developments and the challenges that companies looking to take advantage of the booming industry potential face.

Next up, Rajeeva Lahri, CEO of Signet Solar will make a presentation on how thin film PV has the potential to accelerate the adoption of solar energy worldwide and will give his view on new markets that are opening up. Katherine Derbyshire, from NanoMarkets will offer a fresh assessment of where the market is headed and an analysis of the strategies that are currently leading the way.

Balancing R&D and production costs versus scalability and efficiency is central to a strong technology strategy in thin film PV. Summit attendees will get a comprehensive summary of the latest winning technologies from LUX Research, understand from NREL how to navigate the commercial challenges and get insight into the second coming of amorphous silicon from Sharp Solar and news on the latest modulization techniques from MIT-Fraunhofer.

When it comes to manufacturing, sessions at the event will focus specifically on reducing costs and improving efficiencies. Delegates will hear how BOS costs are coming down for large-scale thin film PV systems from Phoenix Solar, how to drive down costs throughout the global supply chain from Oerlikon and how to scale up manufacturing to meet demand from EPV Solar

In the current economic climate, securing finance is key to success and recognised experts from Firelake Capital Management, Morgan Stanley, Kaufman Bros and Jane Capital Partners will be on hand to talk about the real investment opportunities in thin film PV and exactly what's needed to secure initial - and ongoing - funding for thin film projects. Ernst & Young will also be giving a heads up on the very latest in local and national regulation, as well as an update on the all important ITCs.

So, with senior level speakers coming from many of the world's leading solar companies, research agencies, and financiers, the Thin Film Solar Summit agenda is set up to tackle all the issues companies in North America and beyond are facing. More information about the summit and details of how to reserve places to attend are available on or by contacting the summit director below.


Pete Carkeek
Summit Director
The Thin Film Solar Summit 2008
Tel: +44 20 7375 7160
Freephone (US): 1800 814 3459 ext 282

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