RainTube Achieves Gold Level Cradle-To-Cradle Certification From MBDC

RainTube manufacturer, GLI Systems Inc. becomes one of only eleven in world to reach rigorous environmental milestone.

Jacksonville, OR, July 14, 2008: GLI Systems Inc. of Jacksonville, Oregon, manufacturer of the RainTube Rain Control System, has achieved a rare Gold Tier Cradle-To-Cradle Certification from MBDC. Cradle to Cradle is THE most important measurement standard for hyper-green products and companies. RainTube is one of only 11 companies in the world to have a product achieving the Gold certification level. It places GLI Systems and RainTube in an undisputed leadership position at the highest echelons of the environmental products industry.

RainTube has achieved the highest levels of exemplary product design and corporate responsibility, according to MBDC who administers Cradle to Cradle. Internationally recognized as the worlds leading environmental products certification organization, MBDC provides tools to assist in creating ecologically intelligent products and services. Green building, an ecologically sound method of residential and commercial construction, has become a major area of interest and concern among consumers and the building industry worldwide.

RainTube is an effective, low-cost, water collection and gutter protection system made in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled materials. RainTube helps protect homes, apartments and commercial buildings from water damage from clogged gutters, reduces fire risk from gutter debris (in compliance with new fire prevention building codes), reduces maintenance and promotes cleaner rain water harvesting systems. RainTube was awarded Sustainable Product of the Year in 2007 and that same year also named one of the top ten green building products. Use of RainTube generates LEED points for builders and owners seeking "green" certification for their projects.

MBDC was founded by William McDonough and Dr. Michael Braungart in 1995 to promote the "Next Industrial Revolution" through the new paradigm called Cradle to Cradle Design implementing eco-effective principles. Cradle to Cradle Design is a fundamental shift away from the flawed philosophy of the Industrial Revolution. Instead of designing products based on the "take-make-waste" model of the last century ('cradle to grave'), Cradle to Cradle Design is powering the next Industrial Revolution, in which products and services are designed based on patterns found in nature, eliminating waste entirely and creating an abundance that is healthy and sustaining. Eco-effectiveness is the strategy for realizing these results by engineering materials to be food either for nature's ecosystems or for humans' industrial systemsperpetually circulating in closed systems that create value and are inherently healthy and safe.

Steve Spratt, co-founder of GLI, said "We are delighted to have achieved this certification. Water scarcity is crippling in many areas of the country and solutions are needed. This certification helps us to bring innovative, new, eco-friendly products to the world marketplace to address the collection, filtration, storage and reuse of rainwater. The fact that our small organization has been able to elevate the awareness and importance of eco-sustainability in our industry is a source of great satisfaction to everyone in our company. Cradle to Cradle is fundamentally different from other approaches to sustainability and exemplifies our culture and corporate philosophy here at RainTube. Instead of pushing a guilt-driven agenda of minimizing damage to the environment, we celebrate abundance. We design high quality, profitable products and services that are safe, healthy, and ecologically sound. As a result, we can offer customers, employees and investors excellence by all measurements."

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