Advanced Data Centers Lights Up a 45MW Power Substation

Advanced Data Centers, a leading owner & developer of corporate data centers, completed the construction of a 69,000 volt, 45MW substation. It will provide power for 160,000 sf of high-power density data center floor space, yielding 250 watts per square foot to support critical computer loads.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - October 8, 2008 - Advanced Data Centers (ADC), a leading owner and developer of corporate data centers, announced that they have completed construction of a new 69,000 volt, 45 megawatt (MW) substation. The facility, owned and operated by ADC, will be fully dedicated to providing power for 160,000 square feet of high-power density data center floor space, yielding 250 watts per square foot to support critical computer loads.

Power On-Demand is an increasingly critical data center requirement. For this reason, ADC has built a fully redundant N+1 substation designed with a total capacity of 45MW that is 100 percent dedicated for the use of ADC's customers. The substation is powered through diverse feeds from two highly reliable Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) substations, over recently upgraded high voltage transmission infrastructure.

"Ready access to large amounts of inexpensive, reliable power is the primary consideration for corporate data center customers," said Michael Cohen, President of Advanced Data Centers. "The ADC McClellan Park data center is ideal for corporate customers because it is located in a seismically inactive area, outside of the 500-year flood plain and boasts $0.07/kWh power costsall located within 90 minutes of San Francisco and Silicon Valley."

The ADC McClellan Park data center is served by SMUD, one of the nation's "greenest" utility districts. SMUD's 2008 Power Mix includes 22% eligible renewable energy (biomass, geothermal, wind), 19% hydroelectric and 59% natural gas. Coal is not used. Additionally, customers may elect to receive 100% renewable power under SMUD's Greenergy® program.

The McClellan Park data center recently received Platinum Pre-Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council under the LEED® Green Building Rating System'. The McClellan Park facility, located in Sacramento, California, is the industry's first and only LEED® Platinum pre-certified data center.

In addition, the McClellan Park data center will have a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.1, while the average data center typically ranges from 1.8 to 3.0. PUE is a measure of the energy efficiency of a data center. A 1.1 PUE reduces the energy required to operate the data center by more than 50 percent and lowers the total cost of data center ownership to the customer. "The reduction in energy usage significantly reduces the facility's carbon footprint and impact on the utility grid," said Bob Seese, ADC's Chief Data Center Architect.
Customer demand to host IT infrastructure in a state-of-the-art green data center has led several companies to express interest in deploying their mission critical applications in the McClellan facility. The ability to host infrastructure in a facility that is virtually safe from all major disasters and within driving distance of the San Francisco Bay Area has proven to be a highly differentiated asset. ADC is now accepting LOIs to secure space for companies looking to build out or expand their operations.

About Advanced Data Centers
Advanced Data Centers (ADC) is a leading owner and operator of wholesale data centers, designed specifically for the corporate consumer. The data centers are highly specialized, secure facilities used to house, power, and cool critical IT infrastructure (servers, storage equipment, etc.) Focusing on robustness and reliability, each facility is designed to exceed today's requirements and to support the constantly growing demands of future technologies.

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